Reactions: Terror Plot on Black Nazarene feast

Photo: The Black Nazarene Procession (Photo by Denvie Balidoy)

President Benigno Aquino III said during a press conference on Sunday that the government had received reports of a possible disruption during the feast.

“Lately we have been getting some information that leads us to believe that there is a heightened risk and, therefore, we are taking the necessary precaution, especially given the nature of the procession for the Black Nazarene, which involves quite a huge number of people and makes it a very tempting terrorist threat,” said Aquino.

He added that while the threat was not high enough for the government to call for the cancellation of the religious feast, increases in security would be “visible, obvious and very thorough.”

Citizens are asked to remain vigilant and to report suspicious persons to call emergency hotline 117.

Twitter discussion sparked after @JayR_12 tweeted that the “Feast of the Black Nazarene has never been targeted by terrorists in the past. is this terror threat a malacañang plot?”
A facebook comment illustrates these thougts:

hmmm….trying to mindset again the people so that you (noy2) can declare a REVOLUTIONARY govt!!! pls, noy2, stop this stupidity…its the Hacienda Luisita that you want to take back!!! that’s all! but you have to follow the rule of law, the constitution or else the country’s doomed!

But @the_nutbox thinks ” Perhaps they got used to presidents who loves to plot like GMA. But IMO, PNoy won’t dare do such things. ” @benjoramirez does not believe the Palace is behind the terror plot. “Perhaps they got used to presidents who loves to plot like GMA. But IMO, PNoy won’t dare do such things.”

@butalidNL believes that “whether or not there is info about a terrorist threat to Black Nazarene feast, govt should” take tight security measures anyway. @raissawriter suggests “To those in Quiapo area – look around you for any unattended plastic bags, etc. Also, motorcycles or cars should not be parked nearby”

It pays to be safe. For security reasons, Malacanang, PNP requested telcos to cut services in the area of the Black Nazarene feast.

@louishguinez wonders “When the President asks telcos to cut signals.. isnt that like exercising a “mini martial law?”