Kung Hei Group meet up in UCC

Guess who is who in Twitter?

@limbertqc @RENESLAZO @tetalimcangco @aupijuan @momblogger @FrancisAcero @unlawyer @mrsunlawyer @indayevarona

It was a two hour banter with more than 140 characters that @cryptonomikon noticed how noisy we were in UCC Terrace. It’s good to express in more than 140 characters every so often , observe the expressions and nuances of fellow tweeps so life is easier…to “agree to disagree”. Topics range from impeachment trial, Arroyo cases, social media and the Presidency.

How did it go??

You guessed it. We all agreed to disagree. It’s all part of the fun.

Two things we agreed. This group was dubbed as Kung Hei (in celebration of Kung Hei Fat Choi) and lastly promised to retweet our good nights.