Twitter reactions: Did Manny Pacquiao deserve to win?

Manny Pacquiao wins by majority decision! The judges score it 114-114, 115-113, 116-112. Based on the Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez III: Round-by-Round Reaction and Results , did Manny Pacquiao deserve to win?

Senator Bongbong Marcos in his facebook wall says “Don’t we all wish Manny’s victory was more convincing? I didn’t have a ringside seat and like most of you, also watched it on TV. As much as we love Manny, it was far from definitive. I have to admit, I thought we lost it. But I just read the stats of the fight and based on number of punches thrown — jabs and power punches — and percentage connected, it would point to Pacquiao winning the fight. Had it been Marquez defending the title and with the same stature as Pacquiao, the fight could have gone his way. In any case, there was really no clear winner. Just my opinion. Have a good day guys.”

@wildflorider thinks “The fight was good, but not, FAIR,,Marquez should have brought it w/ him to Mexico…;(..Pacquiao was good, but not good enough..”

IconocIast says “…is that Marquez deserved the win (and I was going for Pacquiao). Maybe Marquez should rethink the whole drinking piss thing.”

Perhaps we are used to seeing a Knockout (KO) or Technical Knockout (TKO). @tonyocruz feels that ” Porke di napabagsak, di na deserving? Baka nasanay tayo sa knockdown, KO, TKO.” @Kuroshinko “Didn’t expect Pacquiao’s fight to end in such a controversial way. Pacquiao still won, nonetheless. It was a great fight!”

Gleaning through twitter reactions, it seems that most did not think the win was not fair. Not all of these reactions are from Filipinos. Check it out.