Video: @senmiriam speech during @piacayetano book launch

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago talks about Senator Pia Cayetano during a book launch of Pia Cayetano “My Daily Race”. Her book is culled from selected blog posts at and some unpublished entries. She started her blog five years ago, probably the same time I started mine. She called it “My daily Race” because it was …”striking a balance between my work in the Senate, my kids and doing the things I love. There is no prize at the end of each race, but there is joy and peace in knowing that I did my best, my children are loved and that life is better for people whose paths I have crossed.”

Here is a 13 minute video of her speech on Pia . It also contains a lot of quotable quotes, picking on the intelligence of “senators”, life and nonsense at the senate,