Congratulations Senator Koko Pimentel

This is Akbayan press statement as they congratulate Sen. Koko Pimentel

Akbayan Party congratulates newly-proclaimed Senator Koko Pimentel. We believe that the public, particularly the people of Mindanao have gained another champion in the Senate of the Philippines. We hope Senator Pimentel will use his office to be of utmost service to the people starting with finding closure to the allegations of election cheating, of which he was a victim.

We believe Pimentel’s long fight to right a wrong should not end in a mere confirmation of his electoral victory. Rather, it should serve as a catalyst, the spark to expedite the investigation and just conclusion of this issue. We stress that those responsible for the series of election cheatings must have their day in court.

With the Senate Electoral Tribunal’s decision that Sen. Pimentel indeed won, it is evident that the will of the people had been negated by keen election operators working for certain political patrons. However, those who cheated are still free together with their political bosses, and every day they remain free they only guarantee that this kind of cheating will happen again.

We believe urgent measures must be undertaken to immediately ensure that those who have had a hand in the election cheating in both the 2004 and 2007 elections must be made to pay for their crimes. The truth in its entirety must be unearthed to finally rectify a wrong. Even if it means sullying “saintly reputations”, acquired by those who benefitted from cheating, yet, are free of blame because they shrewdly decided to jump ship in a “graceful manner” when they felt it was already sinking.

The 2007 elections must be the last of its kind. We hope Sen. Pimentel will help the people make this a reality.

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