@blogwatchdotph is a finalist for The Advocate at the Tatt Awards

Please vote..via this link http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/tattawards/vote

Blog Watch is a finalist in “The Advocate” at the Globe Tatt Awards (a search to recognize those who have used social media to fuel their passion).

What is an advocate?

This award goes to a person or a group of individuals who worked to improve the state of a societal cause in the Philippines through social media. This person or group invested time and effort (and sometimes even money) for the betterment of other people’s lives. The nominees can have a photo/video/audio channel, a blog, a Facebook page/app or a Twitter account on environmental, political, educational and other relevant advocacies.

You might be curious of our work. Here is a summary.

Blog Watch is the first citizen media that covered the May 2010 elections. We introduced live streaming in our coverage and the first to use curation tools such as storify.net to gather news from different social media sources.

  1. Interviewed seven (7) presidential candidates in the May 10, 2010 elections
  2. Interviewed some senatorial candidates, congressional candidates and a few local candidates
  3. Covered the first Inaugural of President Aquino, the very first citizen media coverage of its kind in Philippine presidential inaugurals. We also covered President Aquino’s first SONAfirst 100 Days and the EDSA 25 celebrations.
  4. Stories that traditional media picked up from our twitter timeline and that first broke in Twitter:

If you think Blog Watch, our citizen watchdog for transparency and good governance deserves to win
here is what you can do from August 10 till August 24.

1. Visit http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/tattawards/vote. 10% of the scores will be coming from your votes so …

2. Go to The Advocate category and vote for Blog Watch

3. Tell your friends to spread the word and mention @blogwatchdotph on twitter. 20% of the votes will go to popularity (mentions, number of followers) so please tweet too using @blogwatchdotph

You will need a Facebook account to vote though and give permissions to post on your wall. Your vote will go a long way to promote bloggers advocacy and citizen media.

We have also Blog Watch members who are finalists :Venzie (Thought Mover) , Save the Philippines Seas (care of Anna Oposa), Carlo Ople and Sonnie Santos (Tech Junkie), Dean Jorge Bocobo (The Ball Breaker), Juned Sonido (Word Slayer). Incidentally, I am also a finalist for “The One”, and “The Ballbreaker”.

Thank you.