Blogosphere and me

In the Blogosphere, you have to be the fittest or else a lot of crocodiles will eat you. Blog to Encourage, Empower and Influence…give accurate and truthful information…the way you transmit your thoughts to your followers , determines your reputation as a good Blogger…Opinions given sincerely based on the experiences and talk from the heart with wisdom for every single click, can be contended by your readers…we don’t blog to be recognized…we don’t blog for money, we don’t blog to get prizes..we blog because we can. We are empowered and have the power to share our advocacies. making a difference in Social Media.

About the followers and friends online, is it about popularity? – Congressman and Boxing Champ Emmanuelle “Manny Pacman” Pacquio is popular and a hero to the majority especially in his community but his skills and strategies in boxing is different from what he is doing as a legislator. Pacman power as a boxer, endorser and model doesn’t make him a good congressman especially if the issue is about the Reproductive Health bill. Charisse is popular internationally and was recognized first outside her own country but that doesn’t mean everyone is happy about what she allegedly did to her nose. Mideo Cruz, an atheist and artist is popular and famous now because of his art which the Catholic Bishops of the Philippines said is against the constitution based on Article 201 of the revised penal code. It doesn’t mean Cruz is evil. President Noynoy Aquino is the president of the Philippines now because of his popularity after his mother died which at that time didn’t have any intention to run. Pnoy might be popular too because of his two immortal parents that changed the country from a long time dictatorship but not to those who are working at Hacienda Luisita right now or those eeking an apology for what happened to their love ones last year because of the hostage taking in Manila. The Azkals as a team is popular but doesn’t mean they’re always winning or good at their sport. Not all members from the Azkals are popular too but only those half breed members that speak with a twang.

Social Media is a social tool of communication which the information could be viral if effective. The followers or friends are not basis that the person is popular or famous. I could say that I am just a private citizen, doing a simple job everyday only with an ample time to spend and a late bloomer in terms of awareness for what’s happening around. I am not that half breed actress from Australia with 2.5 million followers, I am not that broadway sensation singer who is the ambassadress of the Reproductive Health Bill, I don’t even sing in public but only in my home. 5000 friends is the maximum capacity in one social media site and I got almost 4800, it doesn’t mean that for every new status of mine, a lot will comment. But why do some have many followers? Was it his Justine Beaver look a like profile picture? Was it her fashion style with a bag that cost 600 thousand pesos with a good looking boyfriend always in tow? Was it his good and very intelligent comments for every status posted? or was it because a lot of followers like to be you and look at you as their mentor, idol or both of you have the same advocacy? Only you can answer.