Unilever Philippines Statement on Advertising in Live Game Shows

On April 8, Unilever, in response to the issue on children appearing in live game shows programs, has taken the following measures:

1. Temporarily withdrew its ad placement in all live game shows across all networks
2. Together with PANA, led a review of the current TV guidelines involving children in top 3 TV networks

Prompted by Unilever’s action, PANA lead discussions with top advertisers, TV Networks and the KBP and came up with a list of recommendations on program content involving children focused on 3 critical concerns : exposure to violence, appearance and involvement in situations and activities not appropriate to children and use of offensive language. PANA has submitted this to the KBP and to the top TV stations for their respective action.

In response to PANA’s recommendations, KBP is now set to approve new provisions on its broadcast code reinforcing current standards in programming related to children.

The top TV networks, particularly TV5, ABSCBN and GMA7, have also responded by reviewing their policies and drafting new measures towards better protection for children as a contestant, a talent or even as a viewer.

Some of the more critical actions taken by the networks are the following:

Stronger adherence and alignment of local network policies to existing industry child protection standards ex. RA 9231, 7610, KBP Code etc…
Installation of content monitoring systems as well as network ombudsmans that would act as the policy gatekeeper for ensuring that children are protected in their respective tv programs.

Stricter and clearer operating production guidelines towards child protection eq. prescreening of talents, proper documentation, safer work environments, securing parental consent etc…

With these developments and having reviewed the guidelines submitted by the three top networks, we believe that there is now a safer environment for Unilever to reinstate its participation and support in live game shows.

Rest assured, Unilever will continue its efforts in positively influencing the TV networks and the industry as a whole to take action towards better programming content involving children.

Via Nobystanders.blogspot.com