To Zoo or not to Zoo?

by Florencio Jusay Jr

Another trendsetter this week was the Infamous condition of the Manila Zoo posted in a post by (Original post is at livejournal account). The post showed the very poor condition of the animals with their nutrition, health and untreated wounds. It is really a sad to see the animals at this conditions, especially it was my first zoo experience in my life. I have been to several other zoos like Avilon and Malabon which takes good care of their animal residents. Though I prefer seeing animals in the wild but zoos can be a temporary sanctuary for animals that needs special care and not primarily for entertainment.

Being the first Zoo in Asia, it shows that it really aged and unfortunately the treatment of the animals too. The big debate now is whether to close down the zoo or have it ‘revived’ to save the animals. The situation also trended on twitter worldwide. Its looks like a great global exposure but it made its image worse. Animal welfare groups like PETA are asking for its complete closure of Manila Zoo. I think that we can still keep the zoo but as a rehabilitation place for animals especially those that wanders in the city like snakes and birds. Also a public zoo would face the same crisis after sometime as there are other priorities the city government is also attending. In this urban ecosystem, animals still have their place and we should always be open and not keep the lands for ourselves.

Its amazing that Social Media does to expose these injustices, even celebrities tweeted and retweeted the situation that led to a reaction from Malacanang. I hope actions will be enforced for the welfare of the animals. Our country has the most diverse ecosystems in the world, its sad to see that we are not doing our part to help. Are we waiting for the rise of the Apes?