“Our nation needs honest leaders who tell the truth”


The PCSO scandal broke the news when PCSCO Chair Margie Juico revealed that bishops got “pajeros” from the past PCSO administration. The bishops were hurt that they were called the “Pajero Bishops”. During the senate inquiry, it was revealed that there was no Pajero issued to the bishops. Juico then denied that she was the one who referred to the SUVs as Pajeros. She was definitely backtracking and conveniently forgot that she had been quoted by Inquirer and even GMA news as gleaned by the powerpoint presentation at the Senate.

Juico fumbled and said “perhaps somebody within the PCSO has mentioned Pajero.”

Today, I received a video that disputes that she did not refer to the “Pajero”


The video speaks for itself. Juico conveniently forgot she said “Pajero”. No wonder the person who added the video link called for honest leaders. Why was Margie Juico so hasty in calling it a Pajero without verifying the model of the vehicle? Nevertheless, whether it was a Pajero or a Montero , it is wrong for the bishops to receive these SUVs.

It is Juico’s job to ensure that news reports are accurate before she releases it to the media. Though she clarified that it was not Pajeros much later on, the damage has been done. The bishops were known as “Pajero bishops” who owned luxury SUVs.

My friend Dine adds

If Juico thought that putting the spotlight on the bishops would further her cause and remove media attention to her own questionable actions and credibility, she is sadly mistaken.

If Juico had any shame or remorse about this whole affair, she needs to step down right now. Who is going to believe her now the next time she makes another wild accusation even if it turns out to be true? It’s interesting how she’ll spin this to make it appear as if she is the victim. She’ll likely blame the media for over-exaggerating reports.

“This controversy came out because of these reports of alleged Pajero and yet none of you can identify the source of the reports,” was the frustrated reply of Sen. Jinggoy Estrada.

Why the rush in the release of unverified reports? One points out a far-fetched idea that it could be a demolition job because the Church stands in the way of the RH Bill. I honestly think it is a sloppy PR job, intent to show herself doing a good job.

There are now calls for her resignation. There is even an online petition. Atty. Edwin Lacierda, the President’s spokesman thinks Juico’s irresponsible statement is too small to warrant calls for her resignation.

The Senate should not be sidetracked with the irregularities of the past PCSO board. They should also start investigating the current PCSO board for irregularities.

Indeed, our country needs honest leaders who tell the truth.