Nationalist Students Protest Against US Intervention

July 5, 2011 Chairperson
League of Filipino Students-UPLB

Nationalist students in UP Los Banos together with several citizens of Los Banos gather today for a protest action to condemn the bogus Filipino-American Friendship Day celebrated yesterday, July 4, 2011

“The current military trainings between the AFP and US troops conducted in Puerto Princesa, Palawan are clear manifestation of the United States’ imperialist plunder over the country’s rich natural resources and strategic location,” said Allen Lemuel Lemence, spokesperson of League of Filipino Students-UPLB. “This should not be far-fetched to us as a nation. US colonialism to our country continue up to this day under the guise of economic, political, military and even cultural policies and intervention.”

Lemence also cited Obama adminsitration’s attempt to intervene with the affairs concerning the isles in the Western Philippine Sea as a trigger for a new wave of US imperialist plunder of the rich oil reserves in the territory.

“Obama administration is clearly being manipulated by US-based monopoly capitalists who are at an arms race against China’s booming economy. This desperate move of these monopoly capitalists is a proof of the eve of a protracted crisis of the global monopoly capitalism led by US imperialism,” Lemence continued.

Instead of getting out of trouble with China and its neighboring countries in the South-East Asia on the issue of the Spratlys, the Government of the Philippines (GPh) led by the Aquino administration is being treated as a protectorate of the United States. He dubbed Aquino as “papet, pasista at pahirap sa masa” (puppet, fascist at burden to the masses) for leading the country in the “daang matuwid” (straight path) leading to an incomparable economic and political crisis.

“He proves to be no less than his predecessor, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Its recently publicized development plan is a set of pro-imperialist, anti-national and anti-people policies, that would continue and worsen crisis and poverty in the Philippines.

“The Fil-Am Friendship Day is bogus since it is the imperialist US that benefits. The semi-colonial and semi-feudal society of the Philippines is only worsened by the continued control of the imperialist US in Philippine economy, politics, military, and culture. Aquino’s one year as president only proved his incompetence to lead the country out of poverty and crisis.” Lemence ended.