Free IT training center for OFWs launched

With overseas jobs getting more scarce, it is about time that alternative employment or income sources are made available to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). The Bantay OCW Foundation recently launched its Operations Center that provides free IT training led by Informatics Philippines to OFWs and their dependents.

The facility was set up through the partnership between Informatics and Bantay OCW, under the corporate citizenry arm of the educational institution—SHIFT or Society for Higher Information Technology Education. The Mandaluyong-based center offers courses that equip OFWs and their families with basic skills in word processing, internet browsing, typing and using the mouse.

“IT skills help OFWs and their families in the midst of fluctuating international job markets and may even give an OFW the necessary tools to start a fruitful career without having to go overseas. With the local IT-BPO industry growing at a steady pace, leaving the country for work will soon become a choice, rather than a necessity, for more Filipinos,” says Leo Riingen, CEO of Informatics Philippines.

For more information on the Bantay OCW Foundation Center, contact Ellen Cruz through 6553671 or [email protected].