FDA Summary of high-risk products with DEHP from Taiwan

The Bureau of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provided a summary of implicated products from Taiwan which included products from Taiwan to Singapore, Hong Kong, Xiamen and Beijing (China), and Canada. These are products believed to be contaminated with the plasticizer di(ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) for pullout from store shelves.

The FDA Advisory 2011-008 said products “whether registered or not with the FDA” but identified in the list will be recalled and disposed of accordingly.

DEHP, one of six phthalates and part of a family of chemicals known to cause reproductive harm and considered a possible human carcinogen , is banned in children’s toys in Canada and elsewhere.

It is also strictly prohibited to use the plasticizer in food and beverages, but Taiwan authorities suspect at least one food manufacturer added the banned industrial plasticizer to an emulsifier as a cheap substitute for the more expensive palm oil. The resulting product, called cloudy agent, which stabilizes emulsions, is often found in fruit jelly, yogurt mix powder, juices, sports drinks and other beverages.

Initial investigations show that the tainted ingredients and products were either produced by Yu Sheng Chemical Co, or supplied by intermediaries downstream from the company. A total of up to 167 food ingredient suppliers were affected by the DEHP contamination scandal in Taiwan.

Here is summary of implicated products.

Implicated Products With DEHP Worldwide

Partial list of affected products
via GMA News

The products covered by the FDA advisory, which took up 12 pages in the document, include:

Hyatt Brand Food Co. Ltd. sports drink
Power sports drinks
1000 kinetic energy sports drinks (Wyatt’s sports drink)
Power sports drinks (lemon)
Wyatt’s 12% orange juice
Bao Jian sports drinks
7-select low-sodium sports drink
Mango juice drink
TEA House-Matilda mango juice
Great Lakes litchi juice strawberry farm
Top Red Apple Juice
Melon Juice
Premium kumquat lemon juice
A-kumquat lemon juice
Premium Gold orange juice
A-Golden orange juice
Passion fruit and grain (including seed hundred Hong juice)
Sunrise passion fruit juice, tea, too
ASRock Taiwan Ltd. (trading) passion fruit juice
Guanghua leisure shop mango juice drink
Lychee juice

Bosi U.S. International Industrial Co. Ltd. passion fruit juice concentrate
Mango juice concentrate
Litchi fruit juice concentrate

Yun Cheng Co. Ltd. peach juice concentrate 800g
Passion fruit juice concentrate 3 kg
Mango juice concentrate 800g
Kumquat Juice concentrate 800g
Orange juice concentrate 800g
Mulberry juice concentrate 800g
Strawberry juice concentrate 800g
Star fruit juice concentrate 3 kg
Star fruit juice concentrate 800g
Grape juice concentrate 800g
Pineapple juice concentrate 800g
Lemon juice concentrate 800g

Ming Cheng Food Co. Ltd. kumquat juice concentrate 15 barrels (20 kg/barrel)
Red grapefruit juice concentrate (20 kg/barrel)

Ming Foods Ltd. kumquat juice concentrate
Red grapefruit juice

Song Hui passion fruit juice
Mango juice
Orange juice
Lychee juice

Henla litchi juice
One Zero stores Puli II mango juice
Hometown Business Corp. SunKist lemon juice and capsules
Food Bank to open a passion fruit juice
Mango juice
Orange juice

Chuan Jia Food Co. Ltd. mango juice
Mulberry juice
Lychee Juice

Justus eating raw strawberry farm shop in the Great Lakes “Top Red Apple Juice”
Fresh Tea Co. Red grapefruit juice
EU Code of Food Factory Co. Ltd. SunKist lemon juice and capsules
Kagawa Industrial Co. Ltd. collagen fruit-flavored vinegar
Organic Garden Biological Technology Co. Ltd. … Green Juice Co. Ltd.
Life Inn mango juice
Construction business line of star fruit juice Chang
Cranberry juice
Jin Wang Food Co. Ltd. carambola fruit nectar
Plum juice lady Brushing
A honey on orange
Green apple juice
Plum juice concentrate to Xing Wang
Grape juice concentrate
If the Garden Food Enterprise Co. Ltd. green apple juice concentrate
Orange juice concentrate
Lemon juice
Kumquat Juice Concentrate
Peace juice concentrate
Champagne grape juice
Uni-President Enterprises Corp. unified asparagus juice TP250 ml
unified asparagus juice TP300 ml
Good coffee tea shop Ji Lu Red Apple
Passion fruit juice concentrate
Pineapple juice concentrate
Tea Togo Food Co. Ltd. (home business) Togo Dong Guacha 613
Togo Oolong Tea
Hong Yang Co. hundred orange tea
Mango green tea bag
Plum Green tea
Hazelnut Tea
Mint green tea
Food Bank to open a tea longan red dates
Zhongtian Technology Co. Ltd. stimulated bio-drink
All excited to drink – Soho drinking (100 ml/bottle)
Yang Qi Rhodiola drink (60 ml/bottle)
Biotech Co. Morgan medicine to drink a cold day
Jam, jam or jelly, almond jelly Shiming 32139 Food Bank
Zhenfeng Enterprise Agency Great Lakes Grape Coconut strawberry farm strip bottle (4 kg/bottle)
Sufang vegetarian dishes almond jelly material line
Almond jelly into immortality line

B Yuan Zhen Enterprise Co. Ltd. Woods was concentrated mango pulp candy 2.5 kg
Woods was concentrated mango pulp candy 20 kg
Woods was concentrated kiwi fruit pulp candy 2.5 kg
Woods was concentrated kiwi fruit pulp candy 20 kg
Woods was concentrated candy green apple pulp 2.5 kg
Woods was concentrated candy green apple pulp 20 kg
Woods was concentrated orange pulp candy 2.5 kg
Woods was concentrated orange pulp candy 20 kg
Woods was concentrated candy red plum paste 2.5 kg
Woods was concentrated candy red plum paste 20 kg
Woods was concentrated candy champagne grape pulp 2.5 kg
Woods was concentrated candy champagne grape pulp 20 kg
Woods was concentrated strawberry pulp candy 2.5 kg
Woods was concentrated pineapple pulp candy 2.5 kg
Woods was concentrated pineapple pulp candy 20 kg
Woods was the top firm concentrated mango pulp candy 20 kg
Rainbow Woods had champagne on the concentration of grape pulp candy 20 kg
Generous mulberry fruit ice particles
Class A Great Lakes mulberry strawberry farm grain
A great big blueberry fruit
Mountain grape seed
Peach tablets
Premium starfruit honey
Xu Tianbao large cranberry tablets
Xu Tianbao large cranberry tablets (special)
Passion fruit tablets
Grape Coconut bar
Big Fat asparagus food plants Woods was concentrated syrup candy 20 kg
Good luck living with disabilities have concentrated mango pulp candy 20 kg
Biochemical Technology Co. Ltd. Golden Gate thick candy peach pulp 2.5 kg
5kg concentrated peace syrup candy
Concentrated melon pulp candy 2.5 kg
Concentrated melon pulp candy 5 kg
Break Strawberry 2.5 kg
Strawberry 20 kg break
Concentrated passion fruit pulp candy 2.5 kg
Concentrated passion fruit pulp candy 20 kg
Concentrated passion fruit pulp candy 5 kg
2.5 kg thick mango pulp candy
Concentrated mango pulp candy 2.5 kg
Concentrated kiwi fruit pulp candy 2.5 kg
5 kg concentrated kiwi fruit pulp candy
Plasma concentration of green apple candy 2.5 kg
Candy apple green thick paste 20 kg
Plasma concentration of green apple candy 5 kg
Woods was concentrated mango/kiwifruit/green apple/orange pulp candy; candy syrup; candy paste; candy red guava paste; candy red grapefruit pulp; red plum paste; apple red pulp; champagne grape pulp; strawberry pulp candy; grape syrup candy; pineapple pulp candy; blueberry syrup candy; concentrated weets asparagus pulp
Strawberry candy thick slurry/thick paste
2.5 kg concentrated pineapple pulp candy
5 kg concentrated pineapple pulp candy
2.5 kg concentrated blueberry syrup candy
5 kg concentrated blueberry syrup candy
Add sub-20 kg Po passion fruit custard
Salty lemon 3 kg
Constant trading activities should be concentrated candy mango pulp Christie 20 kg
Great Lakes business community Zhenfeng A-mulberry fruit strawberry farms bottle (4.2 kg/bottle)
Hao San Trading Co. Ltd. passion fruit pulp concentrate
Shui Fai food particles Mulberry Raw Material Co. (20 kg/drum)
Taste Food Co. Ltd. Mulberry particles Dance
Liu Fengcheng Great Lakes carambola Strawberry Farm honey bottles (20 kg/bottle)
Concentrated fruit puree of fresh passion fruit tea Co. Ltd.
Concentrated passion fruit syrup
Concentrated strawberry syrup
Purple Samui
Tropical fruit syrup
Chopped fresh strawberry sauce
Concentrated fruit puree Xin Pulse Enterprises Ltd.
Chuan Jia Food Co. Ltd. Mulberry Jam
Peach fruit Cheng’en Food Enterprise Co. Ltd.
Golden Moon billion Food Co. Ltd.
Zhenfeng Enterprise Agency Great Lakes Grape Coconut strawberry farm strip bottle
Construction business line of mulberry fruit Chang
Passion fruit tablets
Strawberry/plum fruit
Honey Almond, Honey Melon, Ginger Honey, Longan honey
Premium starfruit honey
Kumquat Lemon
B-level star fruit honey
A-level star fruit honey
Special tone comprehensive fruit syrup 2.5 kg 6 cans
Golden yellow apple fruit honey Wang Food Co. Ltd.
Cheng Wei Food Co. Ltd. aloe jelly (35 g)
Taro small jelly 25g
Small apple jelly 37g
Lin International Trading Co. Ltd. all strawberry syrup
Glucose syrup
Orange syrup
Passion fruit syrup
Peach syrup
New line of Shun Xiang Food Gifr mango pudding
Secretary for Food Co. Ltd. Anritsu Syrup
Veterans Veterans Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Hi breath stopped syrup
Capsules tablets powdered lemon juice powder pattern Enzyme Tech-A 96 270
Imexcel Sdn Bhd (Malaysia manufacturers) immunization of children chewing tablets (0.6g/60 tablets)
Children’s Vitamin chewing tablets (9/PTP 5 pcs/bag 1.5g)
Eight hundred eighty-eight Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Min You All (Powder package) 2g/packages
On more than three persons can be xylooligosaccharides Ltd.
Big fat food factory strawberry juice powder-A
Grape juice powder-A
Tai Fung Development Co. Ltd. pineapple juice powder-A
Lemon juice powder-A
Friends of China Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. Kaluotani basil benefit children Zhuang (250g/box)
Kaluotani open taste bacteria enzyme (250g/bottle/box)
Kaluotani multivitamin tablets chewing (1.5g/tablet/90 per box)
Biological Technology Co. Ltd. Seoul godsend TS6 3+3 Aji Jian Min (1.5g)
TS6 dynamic Kang original
One win three semi-finished milk (2g)
Prince of Peach Fruit Powder Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
Lactic acid powder
Three beautiful strength tablets
Red Apple Fruit powder
Probiotics powder
Strawberry fruit powder
Light drinking lactic acid bacteria
New generation of aluminum foil strain excellent (2g/pack)
Yogurt powder
Particles of lactic acid bacteria
Lemon fruit powder
Kagawa Industrial Co. Ltd. A peach juice powder
Passion fruit juice powder-A
Mango fruit juice powder-A
Green apple juice fruit juice powder-A
Orange juice powder-A
Orange juice powder-N
Red Apple juice powder
Strawberry juice powder-A
Strawberry juice powder-N
Grape juice powder-A
Integrated fruit juice powder-N SS
Pineapple juice powder-A
Pineapple juice powder-N-S
Tomato juice powder N
Yogurt powder
Lemon juice powder-A
Lemon juice powder-N
Taiwan Salt biotechnology beautifyl new machine-collagen powder
Taiwan Sugar Corp. … turmeric tablet Oyster Shell
Ju Wei Co. Ltd. I come xylooligosaccharides lactic acid bacteria
I come Probiotic Complex Capsules Light Net
Tian Industrial Co. Ltd. yogurt powder, pill
Lemon juice powder
Qi Li Biotech Co. Ltd. collagen fruit vinegar powder-apple taste
Light yogurt powder Sheng Biotech Co. Ltd.
Yu Jie Technology Co. Ltd. yogurt powder
Yu Xin Industrial Co. Ltd. (Newport plant) fruit powder
Force Itself Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Internet net enzyme tablets (pearl yogurt)
Natural Beauty Biotech enzyme purification of fruits and vegetables (20g/bag)
Lactoferrin amino acid tablets (bitter)
Peptide compound of natural calcium
Biochemical Co. Ltd. entrusted Asia extended family Hing Food Co. Ltd. manufacture Apple flours
Wang Chun Industrial Co. Ltd. Red grapefruit juice powder-N
Red grapefruit juice powder-N
Yogurt powder
Lemon juice powder
Blueberry juice powder N1
Xing Xing Li Hui Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. chewing tablets children multivitamin
Xing Pei Hui and more children chewing vitamin tablets
Asia World Food Co. Ltd. Bazhen three good results
Ten Valley five fruits and vegetables
Asia Food Co. Ltd. Yue Sheng orange family of cellulose
Article oat fiber meal
Wei Chuan yam barley flour
Agricultural Biotechnology Food Co. Ltd. Yi lemon juice powder-A
Matsunaga firm goat milk yogurt slice
Xin Li Chang smooth package enzyme drinks Enterprises Ltd.
Xin Mao industry EC12 lactic acid bacteria at the end
Good solid music
Health Enterprise Co. Ltd. … calcium tablets
Eye tablets
King Car Co. Nature House viable lactic acid powder
Jin Yingsheng material growth technology companies force
Lactic acid bacteria powder
Super bacteria
Daily excellent tuning bacteria
GF11 Yijun Wang
LB3 Min excellent benefits
Biochemical Technology Co. Ltd. Golden Gala-A peach juice powder
Chang Gung Biotechnology Co. Ltd. strawberry juice powder
US health drink fiber
Xiankang green melon juice powder Biotechnology-A
Verisign Biological Technology Co. Ltd. … bacteria
Royal Champion International Limited passion fruit juice powder-A
Biotech Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Chen Yam Min You All (powder)
Heng Yi Ting trade Danhua calcium tablets
NSS integrated fruit/vegetable juice powder
Yulun Biological Technology Co. Ltd. eye chewing tablets
Children solid crystal clear tablets
Children marigold tablets
Mao World Industrial Co. Ltd. lactic acid powder
Original Qi Ltd. Integrated Child calcium tablets
Chen peach juice powder
N-S peach juice powder
Lactic acid powder
Collagen 50% lactic acid-I containing powder
Teng Sheng Enterprise Co. Ltd.
Yong Ji yong Ji Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
Juntendo Co. Ltd. registered adults concentrated herbal granules
Serena White Pine Co. essence tablets
Burning 499 capsules
Biochemical Technology Co. Ltd. Sino Hope … brewing enzymes
Really comfortable peach enzymes
Ying Sheng Industrial Co. Ltd. pearl yogurt enzymes
Fountain Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Yi Li Min Capsules
Hao Hao Xing Xing International Co. Ltd. love clear advantages granules
Min Yikang Capsules
Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corp. S11 Probiotics
Shi Kang Life Ltd. robust calcium compound 800 (strawberry chewing tablets)
Health Almighty hormone (orange chewing tablets)
Yong Ji Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Grape seed L-C
Collagen L-C

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