Twitter reactions on President Aquino’s laid-back working style

According to the Social Weather Station survey last March 4-7, his net approval rating is now only at 51%. This is because of a 13 percentage point drop in the last nine months. No other president in the last 25 years has had such a huge drop in such a short period of time.

“Thus Noynoy Aquino is the only sitting president in a quarter century whose job satisfaction rating declined and the only president whose job rating didn’t rise after barely a year in office.”

If that were not bad enough, Ernesto Maceda says “We submit that a big reason for peoples’ dissatisfaction with President Aquino is that he is not working hard enough to solve the country’s problems. Coupled with his stubbornness in refusing to reduce or suspend the VAT on oil products.”

He adds that :

“The President’s laid-back working style is demonstrated by his short working hours, and his irregular and infrequent Cabinet meetings. In addition, only one LEDAC meeting has been held so far.

Our unsolicited advice, therefore:

1. Announce an 8-hour 7-day working schedule;

2. Reduce the VAT on oil from 12% to 9% for 6 months; Gasoline prices has again been increased by P1.40/liter Tuesday.

3. Fire non-performing appointees including 5 Cabinet members and 3 bureau directors. Revamp the Malacañang Communications Group;

4. Sell his Porsche, return his Lexus. Donate the proceeds to Tarlac farmers;

5. Forego his nights out in public bars in Makati and Pasay. Unwind in private houses away from the public view;

President Aquino has completed more than 300 days in office. It’s time to graduate from the student council.”

What happened to the cabinet meetings? The last time I heard of one was last January. Even @voltaire suggests “@PresidentNoy Might help with PR & governance if people saw full Cabinet & LEDAC meetings more often, Mr. President. Information-sharing.”

Beningn0 delivers more insights. “Indeed, Noynoy Aquino has been on the defensive about his “different” working style since Day One when he was marked early in the honeymoon stage of his Presidency for his late morning starts and habitual tardiness. His most recent bout of blubbering over the unfair treatment he cops from the Media about his work ethic comes across like something a little boy stammering to explain to his teacher why he had not done his homework would say…” We see the president going around cities, provinces, and even wakes, appearing to be busy. But this is all motion.

Another thing is it’s convenient but not everything can be blamed to former President Arroyo. People want direction, an action plan. Where is that road map?

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