Share your thoughts on HB No. 1799, the Divorce Bill

Maltese say yes to divorce. Philippines is now the only country without Divorce, aside from Vatican, of course.

Will the Philippines follow suit? I have written before about ” A Divorce law is a start” and the reasons for supporting the Divorce bill filed by Gabriela.

An abusive relationship is one reason why I support the divorce bill.
The abuse can be verbal, physical or psychological. Imagine there were a total of 6,679 cases involving violence against women recorded in 2007 in the Philippines? Official figures in 2009 showed that 19 women were victims of marital violence everyday. According to the Philippine National Police, wife battery ranked highest at 6,783 or 72% of all forms of violence and abuse against women. These are only for reported cases . What more with those who are “ashamed to report”. Domestic violence is not limited to one social class. Many of the unreported cases belong to women belonging in the upper class of society.

Do you think the spouse who inflict these abuse ever change? Most never do and the only way for abusive spouses to change is to undergo therapy.

If you feel that the divorce bill is important to you, show your support for it. If you are against it, then voice your opinion as well. I have included the copy of the House Bill No, 1799 so you can educate yourself about the contents and merits of the bill. Just like my fellow mom blogger (Dine Racoma), she enjoins us to “think about the benefits and consequences carefully. Think about how you, someone you know, or even how your own children will be affected by the bill if it becomes law.”

After reading the bill, please share your thoughts.

House Bill No. 1799 -An Act Introducing Divorce in the Philippines

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