Leadership Vacuum

A leader is a must in every organization. One must be knowledgeable, skilled, experienced and sometimes with appeal. One might be the key to one organizations success. A simple idea if implemented well could be a big leap to a shaking company. From interviews and actual experience, everyone couldn’t be a leader, a firm decision maker, strategic response to projects and an empowered mindset doesn’t belong to everyone.

Though success is a group effort, one needs to lead to make it reality. A group of painter has a foreman, same in a group of construction workers. A good construction engineer is nobody without skilled personnel. Thus, it is called an organization, an organized group of people, with the same objectives and common goal which is to achieve success whether accomplishing a certain project or getting the perfect end result.

From IBM, “A lack of leadership capability has become a significant barrier to growth for many organizations… Without sufficient leadership talent, who will set the direction? Who will paint the vision? Who will lead the change? It’s not only an HR issue. It is a business imperative….”

“Companies are finding themselves with a leadership vacuum, with fewer individuals who have the knowledge and experience to guide others through necessary business transformations. Without leaders who can provide the direction, feedback and clarity needed to navigate in a more complex world, companies will struggle to achieve business goals.”- IBM

This is where trainings, seminars and hiring the best from the best will be the primary requirements. Continuous education is a must to any individual from the upper management down to ranking files. This is why there are scholarship grants from some organizations. With failures and recession from the first class countries, with all the experts and best from the rest, looks like not enough? Can it be traced to leadership vacuum? These are some questions from developing countries such as the Philippines.

There are different types of leadership. But a popular person does not make him a leader. A celebrity might be good in acting but not in decision making. A boxer might be good in ring but not as a representative from the government. With the popularity contest every election period, what are the qualifications of the leaders we elected so far? Are they leader?

People are still confused about the American economy meltdown. What went wrong? What happened to once a strong and the land of milk and honey with greener pastures? With all the financial analyst, specialist or expertise, what happened to them? Where are the leaders who are supposed to be the foundations of strength and are used in solving this kind of problems? Do we have a leadership vacuum?

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