Pro-Life’s arrogance should stop

This is a press statement of The Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines (DSWP) .

The Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines (DSWP) condemns in the strongest terms possible the physical assault of Filipino Freethinkers RH Advocacy Director, Kenneth Keng by anti-RH advocate, Pro-Life resource person and former Kapatiran Party senatorial candidate Rizalito David.

This aggression happened yesterday, 24 May, in the gallery of the House of Representatives while the RH bill was being heatedly discussed in the plenary. David not only gravely disrespected the rules of the HOR where even clapping is prohibited but also showed the hypocrisy of many like him who rabidly defend the Catholic dogma but have no qualms getting involved in name-calling and now, physical assault.

We are also disturbed with the actions of Fr. Melvin Castro of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) from whom David sought ‘refuge’ after hitting Keng. Fr. Melvin, together with David, totally ignored the inquiries of Filipino Freethinkers’ leader Red Tani who wanted to discuss what happened with them.

It should be remembered that bishops, as well as their allies have for sometime been calling pro-RH advocates names such as Satan, terrorists, etc. for which Fr. Melvin publicly apologized during a recent debate televised nationwide.

Why did David hit Keng? What right has he to do this? Why did Fr. Melvin coddle David who was the aggressor? Why didn’t Fr. Melvin dialogue with the Freethinkers who sought them out? Are these types of behavior sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church?

The arrogance, now aggression of those who proclaim to the world that they protect morality and life is simply too much. This should stop.

“I would rather have a world of kindly, faulty human beings, than a world of superior robots who’ve said goodbye to pity, understanding and sympathy”