Manoling Morato on Margie Juico and alleged PCSO anomalies

Blog Watch and guest bloggers listened to Manoling Morato Friday night at his residence on his allegations of PCSO anomalies under Margie Juico’s administration. Present at the livestreaming were Leslie Bocobo, Dean Bocobo, Juned Sonido, Wyatt Belmonte, Wenchie Sabban, Dine Racoma, Belle Palanca Enriquez, Jaypee David, Jules Blanco, Angelo Lopez, Grace Nicolas, Rochelle Sy Chua, Pocholo Gonzales, Peter Baltazar, Pat mangubat. Watch recorded videos at

Blog Watch gave a copy of the manuscript to Margie Juico. She will talk to Blog Watch on May 18.

Last night, people saw and heard Morato’s ramblings against Margie Juico via live streaming. Pinoys throughout the world heard how Juico decided to transfer the PCSO offices to Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) without securing first the approval of the president, of her decision to transfer more than US$ 11 million to UCPB which, under the law is “illegal”, of committing nepotism for appointing his son as her chief of staff and of committing graft due to her much ballyhooed multi-million “milk feeding” program.

That scandal, says Morato, prompted former PCSO chair Dr. Mitas Pardo de Tavera to sue Margie Juico before the courts. Why on earth did President Noynoy appointed somebody to head PCSO when that person has numerous graft charges filed against her in court? Is it because Margie and her husband Philip “Popoy” Juico reportedly contributed 5 million pesos to Noynoy’s election kitty?

Morato, himself, was confused. He thought that Aquino is dead serious in his tuwid na daan pronouncements, only to find out that he himself appointed someone to the PCSO whose interests lie diametrically opposed to the poor people.

Juico, says Morato, is trying to divert the issues to shield her from the prying eyes of the public. Morato says that Juico should be held accountable for the illegal transfer of the PCSO offices to the Philippine International Convention Center ( PICC). That transfer, says Morato, caused millions of pesos. It reportedly drained the PCSO’s operating funds, since rent is now being paid to PICC.

When the PCSO was still renting the Quezon Institute grounds, it was paying nothing. There was a 50 year lease agreement with the QI. That agreement allows the PCSO to use the 6.5 hectare property rent-free. Why did Juico decided to hastily transfer the PCSO offices to PICC?

Simple. Morato says Juico wants the QI grounds vacated immediately because the friend of her husband, Alex Lopez, son of newly appointed PNOC chief Mel Lopez, has just bought the 6.5 hectare property.

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Photos by Jaypee David, Pat Mangubat, Noemi Lardizabal-Dado