Bagatsing and Garcia interpellators on #RHBill

Was it God versus man inside the session hall? There seems to be a lot of attribution to God never seen before in the last Congress as @Bethangsioco observed. This started when Rep Pablo Garcia asked Rep Edcel Lagman: My question is, does (Lagman) believe in the words of God? If that is incriminatory, I will not press the question.”

“I am not here to hear a sermon on religious values. I am here to defend the merits of the RH bill” Rep Lagman declared.

“This bill offends God… The distinguished sponsor should not begrudge me for asking questions like this,” Garcia stated.

Lagman explains “The God of one may not be the God of all. But I am not here to hear a sermon. I’m here to debate on the merits of RH bill”

Through it all, Rep Lagman remains focused on the RH Bill issues. He reiterates the position of the RH Bill, that it is not about sex and religion. It’s about rights of parents, health of mothers and infants. He states “I am a congressman that is a catholic. But not a catholic congressman. ”

Rep Bagatsing gets the most horrified reactions from Tweeters when he said “go forth and multiply”. @genoweadds “Such a literal understanding of the bible. Cong. Bagatsing makes it sound like God wants us to copulate till kingdom come.” @robertchua007 wished “…he had a wiser argument “@Steward_Ice: Rep. Bagatsing: I cannot be wiser than the creator, ang sabi ng Diyos go forth and multiply.” Their illogical reasoning in congress caused Rep Pablo Garcia and Bagatsing to trend in twitter.

@apester71 is stupefied. “Contraceptives to PREVENT pregnancy is abortion? Somebody hand the idiot a dictionary” @spankyenriquez says “Listening to Bagatsing is an abortion of my brain cells.”

I felt I was inside a church listening to the droning sermon of a priest except this was a session hall. I was able to sit down through Rep Bagatsing because at least he cover some portions of the RH Bill. Despite some of his ignorance, there was logic in some of his questions such as the budget. I had a headache just listening to him and couldn’t take it anymore. I left at around 7:30PM.

Here are just some of the reactions on Twitter. I tried to find something positive on Bagatsing and Garcia but could not find any.