Transcript: “Kantanong” portion of Willing Willie (March 12, 2011 episode)

Anna Margarita Garcia painstakingly watched the video segment of the six year old dancing boy and transcribed it below. You can follow along with this video,which starts at part 7. Her personal notes are cited inside parenthesis.

“Kantanong” portion of Willing Willie (March 12, 2011 episode)

TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: Before going on a two-week voluntary suspension on April 11, TV5’s primetime game show “Willing Willie” used to air Mondays to Saturdays.

The game show’s main segment “Wiltime Bigtime” has six contestants competing in two rounds: the elimination round “Kantanong” and the jackpot round “Spin a Wil.”

The game show host, Willie Revillame, would interview each of the contestants during “Kantanong” portion and have each of them showcase a talent. Depending on the contestant’s talent shown and the studio audience’s approval, Willie would give various amounts of cash rewards to each contestant.

All the contestants in the March 12 episode of Willing Willie in the Wiltime Bigtime portion were children.


Contestants were called

1. Jenny, Grade 4, sang “Bring Me To Life” and got P5,000 as cash prize.

2. Joeann, 9-years old, sang “Stand Up For Life” and also got P5,000 as cash prize.

3. Madelle, 8-years old, sang “Would You Say You Love Me” and the host, Willie Revillame, praised her and asked her to sing again because she sang so well.

Madelle said she wants to be famous. Willie asked why, and she replied that she wanted to help her parents.

Willie asked her what was the first thing she would buy for her family once she was famous.

Madelle started crying, and Willie stopped, sympathized and asked her to stop crying, wiped her tears and let her sing again.

After listening to Madelle sing, Willie gave her P15,000 as cash reward.

4. Ian, a little boy who did not disclose his age, sang a rap song to one of the game show dancers. He go P7,000 as cash reward.

Instead of saying “Kantanong!” Willie said “Question!” Then he corrected himself and said “Ano ba yan, na-Wowowee tayo. Baka sabihin pa nila ginagaya natin sila.”


(TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: “Wowowee” is the noontime show which Willie used to host in a different television network, ABS-CBN.)

5. Jan-Jan, 6-years old, went on stage. Willie to called over Bonel Balingit, a former basketball player, to stand beside him and Jan-Jan.
Willie said, “Ano Jan? Suntukan, gusto mo? Parang naghahamon ka ng away!”

Balingit and Jan-Jan looked at each other.


After Willie gave the little boy a high five, Jan-Jan smiled.

Willie then permitted Jan-Jan to greet his parents.

Jan-Jan: “Binabati ko si papa ko, may parlor!”

Willie: “Nagtatawag ng tatay!”

Jan-Jan: “Binabati ko si papa ko, may parlor! ‘Tska si mama may birthday!”

Willie: “Sino? Sino may parlor?”

Jan-Jan: “Si mama.”

Willie: “Yung tatay mo may ano?”

Jan-Jan: “Parlor.”


Willie: “Bakit may parlor ang tatay mo? Ano siya?”

Jan-Jan: “Kasi, para hanapbuhay.”

Willie: “Hanap buhay, ano ginagawa niya sa parlor?”

Jan-Jan: “Gugupit.”

Willie: “Gugupit? Siya ba nag-gupit sa iyo?”

Jan-Jan: “Opo.”

Willie: “Ilan taon na si Jan-Jan?”

Jan-Jan: “6 po”

Willie: “6 na! Sino paborito mong singer?”

Jan-Jan: “Si…(pauses)… Hindi po ako kakanta!”


Willie: “Sorry, ah. Akala ko kakanta ka, eh. Okay, sino… Dancer? Gusto mo ng dancing?”

Willie then asks if the boy’s parents were also in the studio game show set. The camera show’s Jan-Jan’s aunt who had brought him to the show that day.

Jan-Jan gets teary eyed after greeting his parents.

Willie: “Bakit ka naiiyak? Naiiyak ka? Sasayaw ka, ‘di ba? Pakita mo talent mo, Jan-Jan, ah? Palakpakan natin si Jan-jan!

—>Jan-Jan dances for the FIRST time on broadcast television

*Jan-Jan begins to dance*

*Jan-Jan has tears streaming down his face*


Willie: “Umiiyak pa yan!”


Willie: “Thank you very much Jan-Jan. Aw – ang galing. Ganyan ho ang hirap ng buhay ng tao. Jan-Jan, siyempre nagsasayaw siya bilang isang macho dancer sa edad niyang yan, para sa kanyang mahal na pamilya. Pinahanga mo ako Jan-Jan. Paano yung music niya? Papaano? Paano?”

*Tech crew cues music*

*music starts*

*Willie walks over to Jan-Jan*

Willie: “1, 2, 3…!”

*Jan-Jan begins to dance again*


Willie: “Tama na! Ibang klase ka, Jan! May pa-hawak-hawak ka pa dito!”

*Willie bending down to hold the prop*

*Willie mimicking Jan-Jan’s dance*


Willie: “Ibang klase ‘tong batang to! Palakpakan niyo si Jan-Jan! Dito lang yan. Si Jan-Jan – may P10,000!”

*kisses Jan-Jan on the forehead*

Willie: “Sino nagturo sa iyo niyan? Sino?”

Jan-Jan: “Si Papa.”

Willie: “Papa, ah! May parlor ka na, may bar ka pa!”

*Willie mimics a gay pose*


Willie: “Ang galing! May luha pa yan, ah! Lumuluha yan! Ibang klase, para ka nang… para sa pelikulang ‘Burlesk Queen’ ng umiiyak, kailangan ginagawa yun para sa pamilya. Sama ng loob pero kailangan ko itong gawin para sa mahal ko sa buhay!”

*mimics the dance but only momentarily*

Willie: “Tawa ka ng tawa! Bumati ka muna, Ella!”

6. Ella, Grade 2, had prepared to dance in the talent portion. She talked about how she was going to help her family with her talent.

Willie: “Parang din si Jan-Jan.”

*Jan-Jan smiles at this point*

Willie: “Kita mo, ang bigat sa sarili niyang ginagawa yan pero kailangan niyang gawin para sa pamilya.”

*Willie mimics the dance*

*music comes back on*

*Jan-Jan’s smile disappears*

—>Jan-Jan dances for the SECOND time on broadcast television

Willie: “Hit it!”

*Jan-Jan dances*


Willie: “Hawak!”

*Jan jan bends down to hold the studio props and dances some more*


Willie: “Oy!”

*music stops*

Willie: “Ok na ‘yan, Jan-Jan! Hayaan mo sila masabik! You’re the man, Jan-Jan. You’re the man!”


*music comes on again*


*Cuts the music*

Willie: “Hindi ko kaya!”

*laughing to the tech crew*

The fifth child contestant, Ella, is finally asked to perform her dance number. She gets P10,000 as cash reward.

But Willie’s attention returns to Jan-Jan.

—>Jan-Jan dances for the THIRD time on broadcast television

Willie: “Hindi niyo na nakikita yan, no? Mga ganyang bata, di ba? Wow! Dito niyo lang nakikita yan. Dahil po kahit ano may nag-o-audition. Wow.”

*walks over to Jan-Jan*

Willie: “Meron pa naman ganitong bata-na-bata pa, nagtatrabaho na.”

*Willie cued music*

*Jan-Jan dances*

*stares down at Jan-Jan and watches him dance for a few seconds*

Willie: “Tama na! Tama na! Niloloko niyo si Jan-Jan!”


Willie: “Iiyak na naman yan. Maalala niya ang pinagdaanan niya sa buhay!”


*Back to “Wiltime, Bigtime” portion*

*Jan-Jan lost the Kantanong round*

*Willie talks to Ella*

Willie: “Ang galing mo naman.”

*Willie talks to Jan-Jan*

Willie: “Okay ka lang?”

—>Jan-Jan dances for the FOURTH time on broadcast television

*music starts*

*laughing, Willie looks down at Jan-Jan *

*Jan-Jan starts to dance *

Willie: “Iiyak na yan. Iiyak na, oh! Iiyak nga! Paiyak na! Umiiyak!”

Willie: “Umiiyak, oh! Galit kay Ella! Galit kay Ella! Tinalo mo ko!”


Willie: “Tama na! Palakpak kay Jan-Jan!”

*Back to “Wiltime, Bigtime” portion*

*child-contestants Ian, Jenny and Ella compete*

*Jenny wins*

—>Jan-Jan dances for the FIFTH time on broadcast television

Willie: “Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. Quiet! Introducing to you, my good friend. Kung si..s Kung sino ‘to? Sino naka-discover kay Justin Timberlake, Si Usher? I have discovered somebody… Ladies and Gentlemen, my friend Jan-Jan! Music!”

(TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: Usher discovered Justin Bieber, not Justin Timberlake)

*Jan-Jan dances on a rising pedestal*

*Willie calls on people to surround the child*

*some female co-hosts and dancers surround the dancing boy*

Willie: “Here we go, c’mon! Hey, c’mon! Yeah! C’mon! We will be right back! C’mon Jan-Jan! Babalik kami!”


Willie: “Beer pa! Beer pa! We will be right back!”


Anna has no connections to ABS CBN, GMA, any other network, and that she is a Filipino citizen who just watched it over and over to include everything.