Storify public beta is NOW OPEN: Everyone can create an account at

Since January you might have seen me curating tweets here using Storify. I was quite happy to be given this private beta opportunity. I cannot count the number of stories culled from Storify here in Blog Watch. I have tried other curating tools but Storify rocks them all.

The good news is Storify public beta is now open today. Now many more people have the chance to tell stories in this new form, and be part of the future of storytelling online. This is still very much the beginning of the journey in Storify.

Storify stories have been viewed more than 13 million times on Storify and across the Web since their private beta launched at the end of September 2010. There were 4.2 million views just in March, their biggest month yet.

And for some added background about Storify, please see this interview by Robert Scoble with co-founders Burt Herman and Xavier Damman

Private beta users have created more than 21,000 stories. Storify stories have been embedded on more than 5,000 sites — including some of the most-read destinations on the Web like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, BBC, NPR, PBS, CBC and many other blogs and sites.

Storify is powering an entire show on Al Jazeera that revolves around social media. Such great opportunities for citizens out there wanting to create a social change.

We need curation more than ever. Well if you don’t get curation, below is a good slide presentation “The Fine Art Of Content Curation”, the fine art of selecting, spreading and creating content or read resources on content curation.