PNOY… this is the real show

I did not vote for Noynoy Aquino because I know that there was a better leader than him. It was my first time last Presidential Election that I got so involved in politics. I was a very active volunteer of one candidate then. I really put all my time, effort and some money during the campaign period. I was never been so involved in politics as a citizen of this country especially during election time. I was always a mere voter. To make the story short of course my candidate did not win and I felt bad about it. Of course I can’t do anything but to accept the reality that the Filipino voters are not yet matured in terms of choosing leaders for our nation. I love my country Philippines that is why I voted for the right person.

Now where are your promises PNoy for a “matuwid na daan”? Is this what you meant by matuwid na daan of price hike, crime rate increase and the aggravating poverty problem? Or, are you just busy, removing the pet peeves of previous administration? I have nothing against on your aim of eradicating corruption though I know its not that easy. What I am saying is that there are more things that need more attention. I don’t like you as president but you have to prove that the votes given to you are not wasted. Can you just refrain from uttering vengeful statements whenever you deliver your speech? Election is over! You are not anymore in a campaign period! You are already on your real performance as a president of this country. Enough on wrong moves or wrong decision. Chances are all here. I am still hopeful that you can prove that I am wrong in not believing you…. that you can still lead us to a progressive nation unifying people and not one ruled with hatred.

2 thoughts on “PNOY… this is the real show”

  1. Pnoy taking his job lightly,,pa easy easy lang,,no wonder kc h e didnt do much during his congress and senate period…pero hanga ako sa ilan sa cabinet niya tulad ni BIR comm Henares at yun lang….

  2. I am not an election believer anymore but I gave Pnoy my thoughts.  And agen I proved it wrong.  His presidency kept on looking back. In this case, he will forget to look forward and see the way to progress.

    He should have remembered from the start that he will be inheriting a starving government.  He wasted much of his strength looking for dead stones and not seeing the precious seeds just in his fingertips.  He already has the ultimate power and the biggest chance to plant this seeds, and soon, before he ends his term, he will be busy harvesting the fruits.

    It does not take a genius to plant seeds.  Just take your plow, good seeds (not your crazy advisers), fertilizers (needs good timing), some rain from God (not RH Bill), and wait (while uprooting the grasses) and voila!!!!  PROGRESS!!!

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