Planned Vacation with unplanned expenses

People are taking advantage of the season, the holidays that is. With zero interest financing from your credit card, cheapest airfare, affordable hotel rooms and paid vacations, grabbing the opportunity is hard to resist.

Picture perfect view of the turquoise beach in Boracay, hot spring resort in Laguna or Long travel to Pagudpud are just some of the choices. People want a vacation but it doesn’t mean that one will splurge and give in to all services even though there is an equivalent one with the same or much better to give. Even the blue sky is the same with its counterpart blue aquatic and turquoise colored water. Boracay is a sight to see and a place to be to some. Its April once again, with holidays, over to the max temperature degrees, one can imagine herself strolling and well if the budget permits, snorkeling, parasailing and island hopping.

With so many things to do, did you save enough for it? Happiness truly has a price and as I see it, expensive sometimes. With the majority of the population who are in need of the basic services and not only the usual food, shelter and clothing but with an additional nutrition, medicine and education, a common Juan and Maria need to work hard to be happy and satisfied.

Malay municipality is known for many islands and even the municipality is unheared to some but not the islands. Malay Municipality is composed of 17 barangays with 24,000 more or less in population.

Two airports are available that caters the travel, one is via Caticlan and the other is Kalibo. From 700 per night to 8,000 pesos, spending your dream vacation might happen with of course a budget in tow. Here are some unplanned expenses or to some unnecessary:

1. Cell phone load because there is a free t-shirt, sando or bag
2. Extra Sun block lotion because there is a free Floating device
3. Buffet dinner even though you are not hungry to take advantage the overflowing sea foods
4. Friendship bracelets with the initials of the place as souvenirs
5. New Clothes to be in sync with the view
6. Drink and taste all the free food because it’s free
7. Signed up for a time share worth half a million because the offer is for that day only
which you cannot resist.
8. French fries worth 250 pesos with the size of one large order from the giant chain store which is worth 70 % lower.
9. Braid your hair even though your housemaid can do it in your house and pay 500 pesos for it.
10. Spend 100 pesos for a temporary Henna Tattoo.
11. Dine in a restaurant where you don’t even like the food just to have an access to the internet.

Okay If you did them all and spent 3 times more from the planned budget for that vacation. These might be some of the fallbacks:

1. Spent more than the planned budget which is unplanned and will pay for a year
2. Have an extra sun block lotion even though have two more extra.
3. Additional weights and insecurity because of the bulging tummy and increasing pounds
4. Stockpiles of bracelets in the corner of bedroom
5. Clothes that will never be used again

Truly spending time with love ones sometimes has a price. If one will spend more than the planned budget, you might say spending time with someone is priceless, sometimes one needs to pay for it for a year.