List of Advertisers keeping Willing Willie afloat (updated)

Write to advertisers. If you want to help stop Willing Willie’s unjustifiable maltreatment of its contestants – including children – please help me write letters to advertisers asking them to stop advertising in that show.Use this template. or email them directly using these contact information.

April 6 See curated social media reactions below this entry. Read what the public reaction to your continued support to Willing Willie.

April 2Mang Inasal holds off placement in Willing Willie

Update March 29- CDO withdrew temporary sponsorship. PANA emailed members. Procter & Gamble replied back to Paul Farol on concern.

Source : Rommel Figueroa

May other sponsors/advertisers follow suit. Advertisers, sponsors, please make sure you are not “muhkang ratings” anything that rates no matter what moral or quality they will support.

March 28
TV 5 Manila, the advertisers, producers and all people involved in this show, what steps are you taking to resolve our complaints to concrete steps. Apologies are not enough.

Willing Willie advertisers and sponsors, are you proud of Willie Revillame? Tell us what you think about the MTRCB and DSWD statements on the complaints on Willing Willie. Is it a good thing to be supporting his show?

list is not complete
# Cebuana Lhuillier
# CDO Karne Norte
# Pepsodent
# Islander Sandals
# Camella – A Vista Land Company
…# Cignal HD
# Pau Liniment
# Smart Wireless Telecom Inc.
# Oishi
# Vaseline
# Bench Daily Scent
# Bench Wil Cologne
# Wil Tower Mall
# Techno Marine
# Surf
# UFC Ketchup
# Smart C Juice Drink
# Foton Motor

P&G’s Head & Shoulders

UFC Cook & Dip Catsup

Oishi Cookies

Smart C Drinks

Jollibee’s Mang Inasal

Unilever’s Rexona



Surf Liquid Detergent

Glutamax Face Cream

Pau Liniment


CDO Funtastyk Young Pork Tocino


Will Tower Mall

Daily Spell fragrance

Wil Cologne


Foton Automobile

Manny Villar’s Camella Homes

Cebuana lhuiller

Personally, I am not asking for a boycott. Someone in Facebook wrote this

A Manifesto for Willing Willie Advertisers

by Dennis Garcia on Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at 7:19am

Dear Advertisers on WIlling Willie

I am not for a boycott of products at this point. I am hoping your conscience will act on this matter. In facebook, there is a manifesto.

We will no longer sit by and watch as our children’s identities are formed by superficial and trashy TV programs.

We are sick and tired of the constant debasement and exploitation of the poor, the use of young women as sex objects – as well as the shabby treatment that impressionable kids get in programs like this.

From hereon, we are silencing the images that enter our homes and collide with the kind of values that we want our children to be raised with.

We will not hesitate to boycott your products if you continue propping up TV shows that are crass, vulgar and irrelevant to our lives.

This is not a threat but a promise.

If you have not seen the video, here is an edited one made just for the sponsors:

Look at what they are saying about your sponsorship. @bethangsioco says “Advertisers’ choice of shows to support reflect the values they have. Profit is not d end all and be all. Willie Revillame isn’t worth it.”