Cristy Fermin on “…malaking karangalan mo pag mabastos ka”

A tweet on Cristy Fermin circulated around twitterverse :

“karangalan ng isang babae na mabastos ni Willie”


Based on that statement it sounds to me that it is alright to be made “bastos” and for people to violate the “Anti-Sexual Harassment Act of 1995.” or “Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004”?

Much later, @ChuckieDreyfus was able to get an audio file and tweeted “Saw the video na.What was posted on twitter isnt exactly accurate. She said it differently but still very “off” & inappropriate.”

He transcribed it for me.

Cristy: “Pero alam mo dalawang tao lang kasi, dalawang lalaking personalidad lang ang parang pinapayagan ng publiko na maging ‘matulis’. Si Rico J. Puno lang atsaka si Willie. Pag sila ang nagdeliver para bang malaking karangalan mo pag mabastos ka.”

The above statement from Cristy Fermin is still offensive, encouraging public perception that sexual harassment and verbal abuse is alright but which actually violates existing laws. It is never right to receive verbal use from anyone. I have heard stories that Willie Revillame shouts at his staff. They are not complaining are they?

If I recall, Rico J. Puno caused some Cebuanos like Provincial Board (PB) Members Arleigh Sitoy and Jose Ribomapil Holganza Jr. to sponsor a resolution saying Puno made a “downright disparaging remark” that disrespected the governor during the opening of a hotel in Mandaue City.

Now for Cristy Fermin to say this on radio is not helping women abused by their partners.

Here is Cristy Fermin’s actual (& controversial) statement. Aired on her regular program,”Juicy” (TV5)

Paging Gabriela.

Why does she not watch her mouth?

Here is what others thought of her statement before the accurate one was transcribed by Chuckie.