Counter-propaganda? Jan-jan’s pa offered P1M to destroy Willie

Why would anyone want to pay 1 million to destroy Willie when he is the one destroying himself in his own show. Now if they think this is ABS CBN , it doesn’t make sense. Judith Albano says “ABS-CBN can’t really afford to get involved, I think. Their case against WR is a copyright infringement case, which means that if this gets ruled as exploitation, they’re next, as the precedent. Not a very good position to be in.”

Here is that story from Journal

THE father of six-year-old “Jan-jan” dropped a bombshell yesterday that his family had been offered P1 million and scholarships for their children in exchange for defaming Willie Revillame and his game show “Willing Willie.”

Joe Suan said that the offer was made in person and by phone calls by people who want him and his family to support allegations that “Jan-jan” was the victim of child abuse and exploitation when he performed a dance number on “Willing Willie” on March 12.

But Suan said that he repeatedly turned down the offer because he saw it as part of a well-funded black propaganda campaign by the critics of Revillame who had tried but failed to stop his show in court.

More importantly, Suan said that the charges of child abuse and exploitation leveled on Revillame were not true because a review of the entire incident would show that Jan-jan was neither humiliated nor forced to dance but was happy and proud of his performance.

In fact, Suan said he and Jan-jan came back on their own to “Willing Willie” on March 28 to clarify that Jan-jan was seen crying while dancing on March 12 not because he was forced to dance but because of the following:

He thought the towering Bonnel Balingit was a kapre; he got emotional when he thanked his parents for allowing him to be at “Willing Willie,” he was playing a role that required him to be emotional; and that by nature he cries easily.

Suan said that Jan-jan was not traumatized by his dancing, but by the accusations that had been raised against his father, including by total strangers who had come to his beauty parlor to claim that he is going to jail for alleged child abuse.

“Jan-jan is worried and has been asking me whether it’s true that I am going to jail just because of his dance steps which he had been performing since 2009, including in the talent portion of the ‘Little Mr. SM’ at SM Mall of Asia,” said Suan in Filipino.

“Jan-jan’s dance routine appeals to humor and entertainment, thus we cannot understand why some people are claiming that it implies any sexual connotation, which is simply not true. The malice is all in their heads,” he stressed.

Jan-jan participated in ‘Wiltime Bigtime,’ the heart and soul of the show “Willing Willie,” and one of the segments sought to be enjoined by ABS-CBN in the copyright infringement case it filed against Revillame before a Makati court.

“Wiltime Bigtime” highlights the stories and talents of the featured contestants for the day (themed as OFWs, talented six-to-12 year olds, newlyweds, drivers, labanderas, etc.). During the interview portion, contestants from the C, D, E classes are known to get emotional and to even cry recounting their hardships in life.

It has been pointed out that many of those making an issue out of the events are from the classes A, B, C who do not watch “Willing Willie,” but who obviously based their accusations on a truncated and edited footage on Youtube of Jan-jan’s dancing and interaction with Revillame.

But a viewing of the unedited footage of the segment would show that Jan-jan got emotional when he was asked to relate his story and give a message to his parents and other relatives. He was already in the verge of tears while thanking his father and his aunt, Jocelyn, prompting Revillame to ask him: “O, ba’t ka umiiyak? ’Di ba sasayaw ka? O sige kiss na si Tito Willie.”