Do brains stop working when aircons fail?

That is an empty Congress with its faulty air conditioning.
I thought it was just the press room that had terrible airconditioning. I stepped out to look for a cold drink to quench my thirst. Next thing I know the Secretary General informed the House Representatives that the afternoon session is cancelled due to fault airconditioning.

“Sessions are suspended this afternoon due to breakdown of the air-conditioning system of the House. Repairs are on-going to restore the system as soon as possible,” House Secretary General Marilyn Yap said in a text message Tuesday.

@aimee_rae asked “Do brains stop working when aircons fail? Are there no electric fans? Don’t understand why faulty aircon =suspended sessions.”

Then @marsmiranda hit back with “So we can stop working pag mahina yung aircon sa office? Yun naman pala e!”

And what did everyone in Twitter have to say? An act of God. Divine intervention? Work of the devil? or just bad timing.