Busisiin: Palabra De Honour

A respected and successful businessman is known from his Word of Honour (Palabra de Honor) with quality and timely deliveries and has good management skills. As a Manager, one must have good motivational skills, leadership and must implement what is due for the organizations. Businessman or Manager, they are both leaders, same as the president of the Philippines. The newly elected President, Pnoy as he would like people to call him must show leadership and word of honor when he said that he supported then the Reproductive Health Bill now is known as the “The Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population and Development Act of 2011″ and told to the press that the principles are not mandatory, that is why there are choices and options.

They said “Kung anong nakikita ng bata na ginagawa ng matanda, sa mata ng bata ay tama.” In politics the implementation must come first from the upper level of management which have the executive power down to the barangay level in order for everyone to follow, well from what they say, “follow the leader”. And with one hottest issue with regards to Willie Revillame, the host from one show in TV5 where one crying 6 years old kid is the talk of the town, “maganda bang halimbawa?”. A lot of people are looking up to Willie for his generosity and they said with “good heart for the poor”. With this issue of “child abuse” from the latest news, “mapanindigan kaya ng mga departamentong namumuno ang paghahatol ng tama sa isyu na ito?”, katulad ng mga sinumpaang tungkulin ng isang tapat na mamamayan sa ano mang larangan, “palabra de honour” lamang ang ating pinanghahawakan.

From different views of women who got offended by the turnaround decision of Pnoy from supporting to “not priority”, the question lies on what really triggered decision to drop the Reproductive Health Bill as one of his priority after a few days when the six house bills related to RH has been approved to be consolidated and now renamed it to Responsible Parenthood. The sudden change surprised the RH advocates including Reproductive Health Advocares Network(RHAN), Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines(DSWP), Pinagsamang Lakas ng Kababaihan at Kabataan (PILAKK), Philippine Legislators Committee on Population and Development Foundation, Inc. (PLCPD), Reproductive Health I Support Group (RHISG) and all people who voted for him because one of his platforms is Responsible Parenthood.

Where is the word of honour? On different networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Blogspot, almost all topics are all about the change in decision of Pnoy. The President has dropped the RH bill from the list of priority bills though some insiders said that still if not this year, “maipapasa rin”. Word of honour or “palabra de honor” as some filipinos calling it is a very important characteristic of a person specially with individuals who leads a lot of people like a manager or businessman, what more if someone is the President of the Philippines.

Palabra de Honor is best explained as “marunong tumupad ang isang tao sa kanyang binitiwang salita”. So does Pnoy have the Palabra de Honor? Another point to consider by Pnoy is about Palabra de Honor, “Dapat maingat ang isang tao sa pagbitaw ng pangako dahil aasahan ito ng kanyang kausap. Kapag ang pangako ay laging napapako o di natutupad wala ng sinuman maniniwala pa sa bibitawang salita ng nangako.”

Filipinos who voted for Pnoy are happy when he won, less corrupt, usually that’s what they say. Somebody with honorable parents, with good political background, rich, son of a hero, son of a religious and called the mother of democracy, son of the former president and most of all the one who is not greedy of power that needed to go to a retreat to make a choice, to run in the 2010 Presidential race. Carlos Celdran, an RH advocate who just attended another trial last March 10, 2011 for “offending religious feelings”, who didn’t vote for Pnoy and publicly supported Pnoys cousin Gibo Theodoro was furious and called the president P-boy instead of Pnoy from his facebook status and in which P from him doesn’t mean President. The author voted for Pnoy for a change.

Though the majority of the population are poor, from the last survey from Pulse Asia, 69 percent supports the RH bill. Population is more or less 93 million in 2010, this is the time to show off. To show off the power, change and political will reform. To our ever dearest Pnoy, our President, Filipinos are believers and still looks up to this new administration. Show that you have the best characteristics of a leader aside from being not “Kurap”, show that you have a Palabra de Honor.