The health benefits of family planning and reproductive health


1.More than 400,000 women suffer from maternal morbidities every year.

2. Women suffer more from maternal morbidities than any other illness.

3. Around 200,000 maternal morbidities—up to half the total— can be prevented through effective family planning.

4. Eleven women die each day from pregnancy and birth complications. Most of these deaths are preventable.

5. Proper birth spacing reduces by half the risk of death for newborns and infants. More than 7,800 infant deaths can be prevented yearly through family planning.

6. Poor women and infants carry the most risk of death and disability from lack of access to reproductive health services.

7. For every peso spent in family planning, around 3 to 100 pesos will be saved in maternal care costs for unintended pregnancies.

8. At least 5.5 B (billion) pesos are spent each year in health care costs for managing unintended pregnancies and its complications. An annual budget of 2 to 3 B pesos for FP is a cost-effective public health measure.

Check this fact sheet.

Fact Sheet- Health Benefits of Reproductive Health and Family Planning