Philippine CITIZENSHIP does not begin at Fertilization

Daily tweet beats will have a quote for the day to highlight a tweet that stands out. That tweet is a quote from @sagadasun which dealt with today’s hot tweet topic on the Reproductive Health Bill and discussion on where human life starts. Another significant highlight is the tweet-up on broadband internet discussion. Another group of twitters were at the DOTC hearing of LRT/MRT fare hike. There is still no definite stand of the fare hike. Questions were also left unanswered in the hearing today.

Tweetup with @earthlingsmama and @mymomfriday at Serenitea. Finally I got my Serenitea fix.

Hopefully another tweetup can be arranged to discuss on the RH bill.

On Something light: @sagadasun only discovered today that ang_mungo was male.

Here are the interesting tweets for today (in my opinion):