Dead men tell no tales

Twitterlandia is still buzzing with Angelo Reyes. So many questions still remain unanswered. What did former President Arroyo say to Reyes a few hours before his death? Was the pressure just too much to bear? Was it conscience tormenting him.

Rina Jimenez Reyes added:

But the circumstances of his passing—in the early morning and before the tomb of his mother—not just add drama to a heart-breaking story but indicate his possible psychological state. Was he feeling that he could no longer hold his head high, with his former underling telling the world how he (Reyes) had left the military service with millions in people’s money? Did he realize that his decades of service in the Armed Forces, and many more years spent in public service, counted for nothing now that his name had been sullied by accusations of corruption? And was he wondering how his wife and sons could cope with the ramifications of the scandal?

Whatever reasons that pushed Angelo Reyes to his death, be it the honorable way out, the cowardice thing to do…I think about his family. If the cause of death is suicide, it makes it a complicated loss. The sad fact remains that there is so much stigma surrounding death by suicide which is very regrettable.

@bethangsiaco is dismayed that the President ” says he NEVER pushed for #RHbill.Who has footage of statement at start of campaign when he said he favord RH.Then RP, now,NADA!” but fortunately Blog Watch has video footage of his stand on Responsible Parenthood.

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And the day ends with Azkals winning the game against Mongolia

We don’t know what the rest of the day will be but so far….