Covering Tatak EDSA, the #EDSA25 Celebration

Today is the 25th anniversary of People Power celebration. On my hand is the People Power Commemorative coin (10 pesos) that I kept after all these years. Holding this commemorative coin is quite symbolic. The hope of the country lies in our hands, the power of an active citizenry. The spirit of EDSA 1 showed our capacity for greatness and willingness to sacrifice for the country’s good. It is inherent in each one of us. I thought it was enough to have a wonderful president and let her do the job. I failed to be vigilant, remaining apathetic about politics. I know now that the hope of our country lies in an empowered citizenry.

I was eight months pregnant with my first baby, Lauren when EDSA 1 happened. She is an EDSA 1 baby.

Too bad I was not able to join the People Power in EDSA. But this time…25 years later, I am given media access together with some #Blogwatch bloggers to cover the 25th anniversary of EDSA 1 People Power celebration . Schedule is here. I will live blog here if I can but for now, here is what Twitter is talking about #EDSA25