Angelo Reyes dies by suicide

Tweet is abuzz of Former Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes who died today after sustaining a gunshot in his chest in an apparent suicide.

A bloodied Reyes was brought to the Quirino Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City at 7:45 a.m., radio dzMM reported.

The sad thing is Reyes has been named as one of the corrupt military chiefs in the on-going probe into the Garcia plea bargain deal. Some reactions think he is guilty, others said he did it for honor.

A fake twitter account has also been set up at @iamangeloreyes chiding those that judge him quickly:

I am innocent until proven guilty. You don’t have to like me. You just have to respect that fact.

The Reyes family spokesperson announced that the Family requests for quiet time, especially today. Let them grieve first.

It all had to happen on President Aquho’s 51st birthday.

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