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T his page contains an archive of blog posts , twitter hashtag stream and videos of the Corona Impeachment Trial. Download background materials here.

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Day 44: May 29 Senate Impeachment Court Record and the Verdict

Day 43 highlights of Corona impeachment Trial – The Verdict known today


Day 42 – May 25, 2012

Day 42 Highlights by Wilfred Avila

Acquit Him by @momblogger

Close vote expected for Corona Impeachment trial by @Momblogger

The fate of Corona by @jmragaza

CJ Renato Corona’s rebuttal before the impeachment court by Josephon

Chief Justice Renato Corona goes beyond redeeming himself to become hero of bank secrecy reform! by Benign0

Lessons from Corona’s impeachment trial: Medicines, Shoes, and Critical Thinking

The Corona Impeachment trial coming to an end by Dine Racoma

Corona’s waiver challenge merits a closer look by JC Maningat

Day 41- May 23, 2012

Day 41 highlights

Convict him by JJ Domingo

Musings on Corona’s appearance in court: ICU, Mistrials and Waivers by Arche

Day 40- May 22, 2012

Day 40 highlights

Corona’s day in Court: what we learned by Dine Racoma

Dear Senator Drilon, Congressman Tupas and the rest of the 189: Please sign the waivers by Venzie

Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona’s day in court via Benign0

Corona’s alleged walk out: was he physically sick of the impeachment court? by Ilda

Dean Tony La Viña’s call for Corona to resign misses the real point by Benign0

Day 39- May 16, 2012

The fate of Philippine democracy is in the hands of the senator judges of the impeachment court by @ilda_talk

Kaya Natin leader and Ateneo director Harvey Keh caught lying in Corona impeachment trial session by @benign0

Back to the Front by @thecusponline

Finally, an Ombudsman with balls by @the_nutbox

AMLC – the new Philippine Constabulary: Impeachment Senator-Judges beware! by @benign0

Day 38 – May 15, 2012

Senators on the hot seat by Dine Racoma

Day 37- May 14, 2012

Ombudsman Morales testimony muddles rather than substantiates Prosecution claims of Corona dollar holdings by @benign0

Day 36 – May 8, 2012

Corona to Testify in Impeachment Trial – Will He or Won’t He? by Dine Racoma

Day 35 – May 7, 2012

May 7 Impeachment court

Day 35 Highlights of the Corona Impeachment Trial: Off to everywhere by Wilfred Avila

A week before May 7

Corona Impeachment: things the prosecutors wish the public would forget via @benign0

Juana Change impeachment-related video, prejudice, black propaganda, and improper use of social media

Day 34 – March 22, 2012

Great job by LRA’s Diaz by Ellen Tordesillas

Day 34 Highlights of Corona Impeachment trial by Wilfred Avila

Playing Sherlock via Get Real Philippines

Bulaklakin by @article8jester

The prosecution violations should compel the senators call for mistrial by Ilda

Day 33 – March 21, 2012

Day 33 highlights by Wilfred Avila

Day 32- March 20, 2012

Day 32 Highlights By Wilfred Avila

No People Power seen whatever the Senate verdict on Corona by Ellen Tordesillas

Atty Eulalio Diaz III is part of Noynoy’s legal team by Pat Mangubat

Day of infamy for the Lower House as impeachment prosecution team betrays the public trust by @benign0

Prosecution misled the public when they alleged CJ Corona had 45 properties by Ilda

Part I: Corona listed Marikina lot in his SALN two years after sale to cousin by Raissa Robles

Part II: Senator-Judge Recto says why CJ Corona has to testify at his own trial by Raissa Robles

Day 31- March 19, 2012

The defense a stuttering start by Leo Alejandrino

Impeachment explained via @mlq3

To speak or not to speak : That is the question via Get Real Philippines

Ombudsman asks anti-money laundering body for Corona’s bank records by Ellen Tordesillas

Day 30- March 15, 2012

What will Chief Justice Corona’s legacy be ? by Dine Racoma

The man behind the facade of Chief Justice (Part 1 of 2) by @momblogger

The man behind the facade of Chief Justice (Part 2 of 2) by @momblogger

Corona the Man by Beth Angsioco

The crown of Chief Justice Renato Corona by Pat Mangubat

Income Talks: Corona, OFW Nurses, Hacienda Luisita Farmers, and Aquino by BongV

Irreconcilable by article8jester

Still unexplained: The gap between Corona’s wealth and SALN by Ellen Tordesillas

Dazed by Ellen Tordesillas

I know the legal justifications for your appointment, but what’s the moral justification? by JJ Domingo

Renato Corona, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines Part 1 by Pat Mangubat

Chief Justice Corona: I Fear a Creeping Communist Conspiracy Part 2 by Pat Mangubat

Should Chief Justice Corona Just have resigned? (Part 1) by Dine Racoma

Should Chief Justice Corona just have resigned? (Part 2) by Dine Racoma

On the lameness of the apology of the Philippine Daily Inquirer by @benign0

Why it is important for Filipinos to stop being stupid by @benign0

Day 29- March 14, 2012

Day 29 Highlights by Wilfred Avila

Day 28- March 13, 2012

How the prosecution’s actions can affect future lawyers by Dine Racoma

A Judd of Whine by Manuel Buencamino

Congressman Tiangco: Impeachment complaint against CJ Corona was railroaded by Ilda

Day 27 – March 12, 2012

Saro Graping by @article8jester

Why Filipinos cannot seem to get what the defense team in the impeachment trial are up to by @benign0

Sorry CJ. Not good enough by Davinskicode

After 26 days:

Bring on the Crisis by Leo Alejandrino

Upholding the Rule of men by Ben Kritz

The 4th article by Mon Casiple

a moral crucible by Vergel Santos

Serafin Cuevas: Why Filipinos think he is the new role model by @ilda_talk

Accounts accounts by Mon Casiple

Dinidiin ni Corona ang sarili
by Ellen Tordesillas

Corona rattles the closet by Ellen Tordesillas

Miriam’s Hell by @article8jester

Formal offer of documentary evidence (Full text) by @article8jester


Miriam makes her point by the Warrior Lawyer

Revive blog and constitutional law by The Warrior Lawyer

Mwaag vs pweeh by Ellen Tordesillas

Did HLI rehash Sereno’s dissent in its motion on Luisita ruling? (Part 1) by JC Maningat

The Corona Impeachment Trial after 26 days by Wilfred Avila

Prosecution’s losing streak was capped by Vitallano Aguirre’s meltdown by @ilda_talk

Vitallano Aguirre’s mind will forever be stuck in February 29 2012 by @benign0

Withdrawal method by @article8jester

Day 26- February 29, 2012

Hear no evil : Miriam vs. Aguirre

Gago by @sagadasun

Day 25 – February 28, 2012

Day 25 highlights

Tide turning against President Aquino by @the_nutbox

Proving Article 7 by @article8jester

Standing on the precipice by Mon Casiple

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Serafin Cuevas Show begins! by @benign0

Justice Cuevas took part in a coup attempt against Pres. Cory Aquino via @raissawriter

Senator Miriam Santiago is just what the doctor ordered for the prosecution

Readings on Impeachment: Basis and Intent, of the Framers of the 1987 Constitution via @Mlq3

Edsel Tupaz on the Challenge to Supreme Court Secrecy via @mlq3

Day 24 – February 27, 2012

Day 24 highlights

‘Di lahat ng legal ay makatarungan. ‘Di lahat ng hatol ay makatotohanan. Inosente lang ang naniniwala via @propinoydotnet

Senseless by @article8jester

Gone fishing via Vera Files

And the Oscar goes to via Leo Alejandrino

Week 6

Drawing the Line in the impeachment trial by JM Ragaza

Demonizing the Chief Justice by Midasks

De Lima and the Dilemma by @ilda_talk

24 lessons from impeachmemt by Midasks

Why we need to be so hard on the prosecutors (Part 1/2)
by Dine Racoma

Why we need to be so hard on the prosecutors (Part 2/2)
by Dine Racoma

Day 23 (February 23, 2012)

Day 23 Corona Impeachment Highlights: Do you hear what I hear? No, it’s hearsay!

More than Senator Judges, They Are Representatives of The People by coronaimpeachment 101

Day 22 (February 22, 2012)

Day 22 Corona Impeachment highlights by Wilfred Avila

Secretary De Lima struggled to justify why she thinks CJ Corona favors GMA by Ilda of Get Real Philippines

Aiding and abetting by @article8jester

A political situation by Mon Casiple

Seniors rule at the impeachment proceedings by Dine Racoma for @blogwatchdotph

Justice Sereno on the TRO and the Chief Justice via @Mlq3

The seventh charge: the story of the great escape via @mlq3

Day 21 (February 21, 2012)

Day 21 Highlights

Wrong as hell by @article8jester

Is Noynoy Aquino turning Malacañang into an organised crime syndicate? by @benign0

Reality bites for prosecution as evidence gets thrown out by Ilda

Day 20 (February 20, 2012)

Day 20 Highlights: Silence in the courts, the monkeys will talk by Wilfred Avila

Childish acts of Pnoy and Corona by Midasks

Bluffing at one’s own risk by Archie of Get Real Philippines

Two sides of the Rule of Law by Cocoy

Day 19 (February 16, 2012) Nato Reyes

A hypothetical situation: benevolent dictatorship, Philippine style by Fallen Angel


Clash of Values: Judicial Review vs Checks and Balance by @the_nutbox

President Aquino and the Question of trustworthiness by Fallen Angel

PPP (PNoy’s People Power) via Get Real Philippines

Is President Aquino promoting disunity? (A Take on President Aquino’s Speech at La Consolacion College) via @BlogwatchdotPH

PNoy’s prejudice is causing a lot of problems in Philippine society by @benign0

Who is the better fictionist by Ellen Tordesillas

who is Bolet Banal via Vera Files

Binay Card by Mon Casiple

Day 19 Highlights by Wilfred Avila

Edsel Tupaz on impeachment, the Supreme Court, and dogmatic views on the law by @mlq3 on @storify

The strategy of sowing discord by @mlq3

Enrile on Impeachment: A Line in the Sand? by @sagadasun

Does the bank secrecy law really protect ALL of Corona’s dollars? by @raissawriter

Day 18 (February 15, 2012)

Impeachment baby by @article8jester

Did the Senate fall for defense’s gambit? by @the_nutbox via @blogwatchdotph

What we learned from the votes on the SC’s TRO via @BlogwatchdotPh

Johnny Walker by @article8jester

Day 17 (February 14, 2012)

Amazing Enrile CJ trial by @stuartsantiago

Enrile Doctrine on Supreme Court and Senate Impeachment Court by @sagadasun

Birthdays and national treasures on Valentines Day impeachment session by @benign0

Why is Malacañang vouching for authenticity of ‘fake’ bank document? by Ellen Tordesillas

Day 17 highlights Love rules the day by Wilfred Avila

The Corona Impeachment Trial: Fighting dirty to clean house by Dine Racoma @blogwatchdotph

Day 16 February 13

The fatal error of the Corona Impeachment by @benign0

Senators as Judges – The importance of voting properly by Dine Racoma for @blogwatchdotph


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