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What  do you do in the time of COVID-19 coronavirus disease?  Not everyone can be front liners but we can stay up to date with the news from Department of Health (DOH) COVID-19 microsite  and World Health Organization (WHO) , following instructions, and minimizing your risk.  I also recommend you to bookmark for global news on COVID-19 aside from the microsite of DOH . I have been updating myself with the Coronavirus infection since DAY 1, ever since the report of a mysterious pneumonia disease appeared in the news late December. As an advocate for disaster preparedness whether it is the typhoon, volcanic eruption. earthquake or a disease outbreak, it is my citizen’s duty to protect myself and others. Posting updates is to keep you informed so one is better prepared. 

With so much news about the COVID-19 coronavirus disease, ,it helps you get informed on the latest news from reliable sources . With the right information, you will be able to prepare, protect yourself and your loved ones with the right actions and equipment, without suffering the unnecessary stress.

This site is the work of 1,500 of volunteers comprising IT professionals, data scientists, healthcare professionals and passionate public had heeded to initiatives by Dr Lau Cher Han to build a tool that helps the public to track development of the coronavirus 2019-nCov.

Apart from getting latest and authentic news from reliable sources, you can find:

– Data analysis presented to better visualise of important data gathered and
– Information on precautions and preventive measures from trustworthy references.
– More scientific content regarding the coronavirus 2019-nCov with direct links to the scientific papers.

Visit to get yourself informed and prepared to stay safe. Visit Google play store: and  their 

Know the basics of the COVID-19

The advice of Dr. Edsel Salvana , an infectious diseases specialist, is to review the basics :

1. COVID-19 is the disease, the virus is called SARS-CoV-2.

2. Most people will recover, the current mortality rate is anywhere from 1 to 3%.

3. Older people and those with chronic illnesses are at higher risk.

4.People above 60 years old have the highest risk of dying and should avoid exposure to this disease.

5. Get your flu shot.

6.Wash your hands.

7. If you are sick, wear a surgical mask.

8. Stay at home if you are sick unless you need to see the doctor or you need to be hospitalized.

9. Avoid unnecessary travel.

10. Avoid crowds.

11. Follow instructions. If you were exposed, stick to the 14-day quarantine.

It is important to seek accurate and credible information . The more information we have, the better people take care. Being dismissive and playing down the #coronavirus puts us in even more danger. While I laud the frontliners in the fight vs the COVID-19,  the government  “DON’T PANIC” call isn’t enough. Keep the people more informed, give an honest assessment, and provide a plan of action. It is one reason I call out the DOH for transparency and a better communication system.

It is important the public receive accurate and authentic information in a timely manner in order to fight against the outbreak.