Building bridges, connecting communities : LGBT rights in ASEAN and more

Equality of Rights on these day and age has not been completely without prejudice. The Third sex namely the The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) community has not been totally accepted and are striving not only to be recognized but respected also.

 LGBT Rights in ASEAN

Rhadem Camiliam Morados, an openly Muslim gay filmmaker has initiated a social caravan in Mindanao to raise awareness about Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE). The said initiative aims to establish an interactive awareness programs for supporters of LGBT and also, to enlighten young adults in Mindanao on important issues related to SOGIE, such as the status of LGBT Rights in ASEAN and the importance of intersectionality.

 LGBT Rights in ASEAN

The Tri-City Caravan went to key cities in Mindanao, namely: Zamboanga, Cagayan De Oro and Davao. Activities like SOGIE TALK, HIV/ AIDS Awareness Talk, Advocacy Filmmaking Workshop, Voluntary HIV Test & Consultation of which 400 young adults attended.

The  goal of the event is to build bridges in Mindanao  in order to connect communities in understanding the spectrum and cultural dynamics of  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Queer, Pansexual and Intersexual (LGBTQPI), such as, empowering the community’s activism and advocacy in ending the stigma, hate, and discrimination of LGBT’s.

 LGBT Rights in ASEAN

Rhadem, believes in making both private and public as stakeholders that will frontline major awareness to the young adults of Mindanao as it would create a positive ripple effect in securing the safety and protection of every individuals as they are the future of Mindanao.

As Rhadem would say  “ Our voices are better heard together in the fight to end the stigma, hate, social discrimination and AIDS.

When it comes to human rights of LGBT persons, the accountability of developing countries is generally very poor. Legal norms and standards, enshrined in human rights instruments , should also apply to LGBT persons, hence, the effort of the Tri-City Caravan.

 LGBT Rights in ASEAN

The event would not be possible thru the partnership and support of Mark Joseph Koojiman as the event major sponsor, Nicolo Cosme of The Red Whistle, Randy Estrella the COO of Maynilad, Ryan Villaruel of ASEAN SOGIE Caucus and Janice Buenaventura of Pineapple Lab.

Thru the efforts of The Red Whistle, ASEAN SOGIE Caucus, DOH City Health Centers & Arctic Fox Productions as key principal sponsors together with our regional partners Olympus Society of Davao, Kagayan Plus Inc. of Cagayan De Oro City, Reproductive Health and Wellness center of Zamboanga City, Office of the President thru Film Development Council of the Philippines Davao, Liceo De Cagayan University, JCI Kagayan Gold, Zamboanga Emergency Corps (Boyscout of the Philippines), Ateneo De Davao Libulan Circle, Philippine Information Agency Region X,  Misamis Oriental-Cagayan de Oro AIDS Network (MOCAN) and the Office of the City Mayor of Zamboanga, has made the event successful and meaningful to the young adults of Mindanao.

This is a press release from Rhadem Morados