Synthesis of the 1st Future of Media Conference #FutureMediaPH

Thank you to the organizers. Aside from Blog Watch, The Philippine Online Chronicles, the Vibal Foundation of the Vibal Group as co-organizers, thank you to the sponsors : Smart, PLDT, and Acer.

One thing we know for sure is that change is inevitable. So much has happened in the last 3 to 5 years in media. Publishing, which was once the exclusive realm of traditional media, has found its way into the homes of netizens. They view the world differently and share their experiences, whether it’s in the real world or online through their social networks. Breaking news now happens first on Twitter. And media organizations now have digital and social media teams and accounts. It is changing the landscape of advocacy, lifestyle, marketing and many other sectors such as the medical profession, sports and even government.

At the 1st Future of Media, our keynote speaker and panelists , participants at the venue and online shared their take on where the future of media is going relation to their line of work. At the end of the conference, the Philippine Online Chronicles curated the inputs from the panelists of each track. Articles about the forum : Go beyond what’s trending, media urged; Mindanao is ‘underadvocated’; Beyond ‘shareability’ and ‘virality’ in content creation; The future of media: more powerful citizen advocates.


Inday E. Varona, Mae Paner, Amor Maclang , Malou Mangahas

advocacy track

1. Use of technology to influence change and promoting various advocacies

2. We must work for the ‘underadvocated’ issues. We must be advocates for change

3. The internet is a platform for fostering accountability and good governance

4. Use social media to give access of information to the masses

5. There should be active and quality engagement

6. Journalism code of ethics must be reviewed

7. All media platforms equally share an important role

8. Convergence is possible


JV Rufino, Pia Hontiveros , Art Samaniego, Tony Velasquez

technology track future of media
1. Much of the news consumption that we do in print will move to tablets and digital platforms

2. Role of traditional media to shift from bringer of news to explainer/moderator of news amid ever increasing use of social media

3. Traditional media to be moderators instead of bringers of news – to verify, make sense of it all, to clarify, to explain

4. Point of convergence: In the next five years, we will be shifting from analog to digital TV. The beauty of digital TV broadcasting is the ability to embed data.

5. Efforts to democratize the air: holding of Twitter townhall discussions

6. NEED for better and faster internet in the Philippines

7. Use technology to bring people together


Erwan Heussaff, Jim Paredes, RJ Ledesma

lifestyle track future of media

1. Social media has enabled us to better understand ourselves and the people around us

2. Becoming a lifestyle personality online is gauged by online equities

3. To communicate to your audience, present yourself online as a brand

4. Be an interest originator, interest driver and interest aggregator

5. It is important to create communities online and offline

6. Share only the best version of yourself online

7. Go out, get the information, and make a conscious effort to educate yourself


Ros Juan, Janette Toral, Carlo Ople and Yves Gonzales

digital marketing future of media

Carlo Ople shares his inputs in “Digital influencers need to adapt or they will lose business.”

1. Social media has enabled brands to communicate to consumers. This powerful trend will continue

2. Promote the value of the brand and identity. The key to longevity in digital marketing is content creation

3. Consumer protection and privacy is also of primal importance

4. Offer value for your brand

5. Make short videos only

6. Social engagement cannot be bought. Viral videos should not be ‘buy-ral’

7. Quality matters over quantity

8. At the end of the day, it’s not about the technology, it will always be about people and how to have real relationships with real people.

digital marketing track

(FYI Tim Yap was supposed to be in the Lifestyle track. He already forewarned me the day before that he will be coming in late but I just told him to be there anyway. Noemi)


maria ressa

1. Nothing levels the playing field as social media.

2. The crowd is a powerful tool for social change. The challenge is to find ways to work together.

3. The challenge is how do you let go of what made you successful in the past to look at the future.

The participants of the Future of Media also had fun. Selfies dominated during the break.

Jose Carlos Maningat of Blog Watch curated the inputs online and from the panelists.

Thank you to the organizers. Aside from Blog Watch, The Philippine Online Chronicles, the Vibal Foundation of the Vibal Group as co-organizers, thank you to the sponsors : Smart and PLDT, and Acer.