Letter addressed to the barangay kagawads of Bel-Air re Chair Lichauco

Ms Aurora Pijuan earlier shared her letter to their Barangay Bel-Air Chair Lichauco. This time around, she is sharing her letter to their barangay kagawads.

Oct.14, 2013

Dear Barangay Bel Air Kagawads,

Teresa Colayco, Jossie Lacson, Aileen Dionisio, Cynthia Cervantes, Conchita Caluag, Alejandro Torres, Noel Bautista,

Attached is the 3 part article of the Manila Times, dated Aug. 29, 30, 31. 2013. (Graft Bel-Air Style | Barangay Bel-Air chairman used ‘pork’ to pay favored caterer | Bel-Air: P45M for ‘direct’, ‘negotiated’ contracts )

I believe you have all read this Manila Times article but if not, you definitely have heard this discussed at yesterday’s barangay assembly.

From the time the article was published, I have been waiting for some kind of reaction from you, any one of you. You have all the resources to investigate and tell us whether the allegations of graft mentioned in the article are true or not, hence the expectation.

You are our current kagawads and will be there till the end of November. It is your responsibility to be transparent with us who elected you in office. You have to believe it is a grave concern of the constituents of Barangay Bel Air.

I saw several of you at the Luneta Rally, Million People March, and again at the Ayala Rally. We were there to manifest our anger over the PDAF SCAM. Actually, what we are all incensed about is the endemic corruption so embedded in our system. But we read about this alleged Barangay Bel Air Scam in the papers, our own barangay, and what do we do? Wouldn’t it be such a hypocritical contradiction if we were to rail against corruption in high places and look the other way when allegations of corruption inhabit our own Barangay??

Please, investigate! If you discover that Lichauco is innocent, then, by all means, defend her to high heavens but if you think there is basis for these allegations, then, will you still join her team? NAMAN!

I hope none of you will use the “sub judice” line as you are not the party involved and even if you are, it has been established it is on preliminary investigation, not at Sandiganbayan.

Lichauco should also explain who are those alleged voters registered in her home address. Names are listed in the article.

“The time is always right to do the right thing”. Martin Luther King Jr.

Thank you.
Aurora Pijuan

Here are the series of Manila Times feature.

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