Advocacy groups call for justice for Filipino families #upholdRHLaw

In the Philippines, were more than 86 percent of the population is Roman Catholic; Religion and Politics are intertwined especially when the Catholics for Bishop of the Conference (CBCP) joins and tries to block the implementation of the RH law.

The Philippine NGO Council on Population, Health and Welfare Inc. (PNGOC) headed by its Executive Director, Dr. Eden R. Divinagracia reminds us that in able to provide a good future for one’s family, the government should create a favourable environment for every Filipino. To do this, PNGOC believes that having a sound and comprehensive Reproductive Health (RH) policy that is rights-based and central to the measure is freedom of informed choice can help alleviate the lives of every Filipino people.

With a RH law in place, it will benefit every family as the state shall
guarantee the human rights of all persons; it shall include the right to
universal access to reproductive health information and services. The bill
shall give couples, individuals and women the right to decide freely and
responsibly whether or not to have children; to determine the number,
spacing and timing of their children; to make decisions concerning reproduction free of discrimination, coercion and violence; to have relevant
information; and to attain the highest condition of sexual and reproductive
health. She underscore that neither the Church nor the State has the right
to dictate Filipino citizens which form of family planning they should use.
That choice primarily and ultimately belongs to the couple, but most
especially to women who bear pregnancy, childbirth and child care.

PNGOC urge the Supreme Court to prevent further delays of the RH Law. PNGOC believes that through its passage, access to reproductive health information and services to the poor and hard-to-reach, marginalized population can be readily available for our people.

PNGOC is a national umbrella network of 97 member NGOs that believes that
NOW is the right time for the passage of a Reproductive Health, Responsible
Parenthood, and Population Development policy to recognize the needs of our women, children and families.