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May 8, 2013

Dear Candidate

Dear Candidate:

It’s just a few days till we all trek to the precincts and cast our votes. I have this one last chance to address all of you, most of all those who will eventually get elected. And so I will use the power of the keyboard and social media in the hopes that my letter will be read by some….hopefully, all of you.

For the first time in many election periods, I am having great difficulty filling up the 12 slots for senator. Some people I know are saying there is a dearth of suitable candidates for the position. Maybe, maybe not. But one thing has definitely changed — I am now more choosy and discerning about who to vote for. And I am scrutinizing each and every one of you before making my choice.

I have already aired some of my voting criteria on social media so this letter will be different. I am addressing those of you who will get elected.

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