Transcript & Video: Jun Magsaysay on ICT, social justice, Sovereign Wealth Fund, & business promotion

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Blog Watch had an exclusive interview with Team Pnoy candidate Jun Magsaysay. I am impressed not only with his platforms on JOBS(Justice, Opportunities, Business, and Security) but his stand on Information and Communications Technology . Unlike 99% of our legislators , he knows the Internet is a human right just like clean air .

Before I started our interview, I asked him to tweet. He obliged and tweeted “the credo of late president Those who have less in life shall have more in law…” He even tagged me and added the hashtag. Techie!

jun magsaysay tweet

While I am still writing my article about Jun Magsaysay, here are some quotable quotes culled from our interview

“Internet is a human right just like how education is “

Internet access for public school is my national commitment

Internet is a good platform to enhance social cohesiveness in terms of tradition, culture and practices.

On Information Communication Technology, “We have to explore the possibility of harnessing internet and online education to supplement basic education.”

Filipinos need to develop a more positive attitude towards Science and Math, instead of shying away from them

We need good government policy for business to be more convenient to local and foreign investors.

On his age: “74% of the US Senators are over 74 years old. With old age comes wisdom and experience.”

On divorce: “After RH Law, we have to rest on the issue of divorce. I would work instead in the review of the Family Code and explore civil annulment”

On Annulment: “We must study the removal of “psychological incapacity” as defined in the Family Code”

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On commercialization of public lands: “We must look beyond Land Reform because its winding down in 2014.We have to look at land set aside by govt and it should not be sold. It should be leased for long periods.”

On Sabah : “There are many things that should be considered. Good relations between Philippines and Malaysia must be preserved. I do not think the President is mishandling the Sabah situation. Such is a distortion, a way to provoke political changes”

On Sabah conspiracy : “I believe that there is a conspiracy behind this Sabah situation.”

Video of our livestream

Here is Jun Magsaysay interview Part 1

Here is Jun Magsasay Part 2

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Ramon Magsaysay Jr. anchored his platforms on JOBS(Justice, Opportunities, Business, and Security)

Justice Former Senator Magsaysay believes that justice is fair treatment of everybody, that’s why he promotes the following:

  • Merit system and the twin policies of transparency and accountability
  • Strengthening the implementation of programs and similarly submitting legislation that encourage people to know their right and access to matters/information of public concern (the so-called “sunshine laws”)
  • Working for programs that would prioritize health care, abundant potable water and a morality-based public service
  • Adherence to constitutional framework/time frame for deciding cases, cognizant that ‘justice delayed is justice denied’

Opportunities Magsaysay said that if he would be elected as senator this 2013 elections, one of his bills would be the creation of a Sovereign Wealth Fund, patterned after the Temasek Fund of Singapore – a silent pillar of that country’s success in providing opportunities, education, health care and employment to their citizens.

Business He promotes that competitiveness in business can be hastened by a simplified government procedure. According to Magsaysay, it is significant thus to continuously advocate legislation with the intention of “simplifying bureaucracy”.

Magsaysay spearheaded a continuing study on new areas of commerce and industry, keeping in mind an advanced society, which means more business that would eventually give way to a progressive economy. He also authored laws on technological advancements like E-Commerce Law, Regional Headquarters for Multinational Corporations, AFMA, Foreign Investments Act, Tuna Handline Fishing, among others–laws with emphasis on new technologies with great potentials for employment. When elected, Magsaysay shall endeavor the same ideology.

Similarly, he would also give considerations on observing the principles of “paying it forward”, like corporate social responsibility, being sensitive to the environment, protection of women and minors.

Security For Magsaysay, security means peace and order. He always adheres to the path of peace, and he believes that for all things to prosper, security in all forms must be ordained.

Here is the transcript of our interview.

Transcript of Blog Watch interview with Ramon Magsaysay Jr

Disclosure: Blog Watch does not receive any compensation or payment in cash or in kind for any of our interviews and social media coverage.