Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance on TRO: Remain vigilant & protect this temporary victory

PIFA lauds SC for TRO vs Cyber Martial Law

(Read copy of en banc TRO below)

The Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance (PIFA) lauds the Supreme Court for heeding the people’s call to temporarily restrain the implementation of Republic Act 10175. It signals that the Supreme Court under Chief Justice Sereno will remain independent and attuned to the sentiments of the Filipino people. We ask the Supreme Court to uphold our basic human rights, including Internet freedom, by ruling with finality that RA 10175 is unconstitutional.

PIFA vows to bring the fight to the halls of Congress to ensure that this legislative abomination is repealed. We implore our elected representatives to reconsider their positions in light of the order of the Supreme Court. We demand that they junk RA 10175 and start the process of crafting a new law that involves the participation of all stakeholders – whether offline or online.

PIFA calls on the Filipino people to remain vigilant and protect this temporary victory. Even as the Supreme Court ruled to suspend the implementation of the law, it can still choose to lift the TRO in the future under pressure from anti-democratic forces who want to see the Cybercrime Prevention Act implemented. We cannot let this happen.

Finally, PIFA invites all netizens to consistently participate in its efforts to pressure our legislators to repeal RA 10175. Let us make them feel that we will not elect, tolerate, and bow down to anyone who has no qualms in trampling upon our basic human rights offline and online.

Here is a copy of the en banc TRO:

Enbanc 10-9-2012 TRO on Cybercrime Law