Bantay ARMM Registration Update 4 Day 2: Stealing our future away #ARMMGenReg

via Assemblywoman Samira Gutoc Tomawis

BANTAY ARMM REGISTRATION was on ABS-CBN Western Mindanao now (in Chavacano). Thanks Queenie Casimiro.

Election financing must be monitored as early as now. Where are the moneys sourced from supporting registrants with Manila-Cagayan de Oro (plus allowance) tickets to register in their town?

Shooting in the Balindong Central Elementary School left students scampering away from their schools. Coming back to school may not be an option and disruption of classes impacts on the already poor state of education in ARMM. With shots wounding some 3 in Bayang town, ain’t these justification to prevent voters from Manila from being exposed to the traditional family rido that has not been annulled despite the annulment of the voter’s list?

There is a ray of hope that the COMELEC en banc on Tuesday will table the petition (by lawyer Algamar Latiph) on setting up a satellite registration in Manila as supported by the Regional Assembly in a resolution filed by Assy. Majul Gandamra and I, a former Manila resident.

Thanks Media for waking the concerned offices. Proposal to set up registration centers in NCR reasonable, says Comelec exec

Photo via Samira Gutoc-Tomawis