Bantay ARMM Registration Day 3 #ARMMGenReg

via Assemblywoman Samira Gutoc-Tomawis

Nights in the Zamboanga City port are lively with registrants excited to get back to their islands of Basilan, Sulu or Tawi Tawi.

Because of the overflow of registrant passengers, those who have to travel the normal course from Zamboanga to the islands, have to delay their office (etal) schedules because the boats have been fully-“booked” (since July 7 accordingly).

Some of the boats have been chartered (whereas in our case in Lanao , plane seats have been reserved). A Tawi-Tawi source says, “massive hakutan” at 500 pesos for the allowance of a registrant exclusive of meals.

Despite the gun ban, shots were fired in some three towns registration centersin Lanao del Sur but the security forces have beefed up their presence. The slow encoding by one computer encoder covering nine barangays in one island town in Lanao del Sur led to a heated exchange between followers of opposing camps.