Revolutionary Online Platform Kalibrr to Change Learning and Improve Job Eligibility in the Philippines

The world’s first skills development and job matching platform, Kalibrr helps users secure jobs by developing specific skills that are currently in high demand in both the local and international job markets. Initially focusing on teaching English, Technology and “nice” skills (skills that are nice to have, such as typing) for users in the Philippines, Kalibrr gives Filipinos a re-education and career mentorship through its online learning platform. Kalibrr approaches development not just by equipping graduates with job skills, but through a holistic approach that encompasses multiple life skills necessary to succeed.

The potent combination of providing education online and employment to Kalibrr users is groundbreaking. Kalibrr is the only online destination where Filipinos can continuously upgrade their skills for free and receive better chances of employment. Due to high demand, sign-ups are limited and by-request only.

While it will eventually expand to include other sectors, Kalibrr’s current goal is to prepare thousands of Filipinos for a career in the Business Process Outsourcing industry. The Philippines is now number one in the Contact Center/Voice sector of the global BPO market, after overtaking India as the leader in call center services in revenue and employment. The Philippine BPO call center sector employs about half a million people, compared to India’s 350,000 call center agents.

Kalibbr aims to equip Filipino talents with 21st century skills to support the BPO industry, from the entry level employees to middle managers and executives.

Kalibrr has forged partnerships with Local Government Units (LGUs) and socio-civic groups in various cities to more effectively reach out to users. A pilot program initiated by Kalibrr and the ISCOM Computer Learning Center of Vice Mayor Isko Moreno of Manila is already providing training to Out-of-School Youth (OSY), Alternative Learning System (ALS) finishers, and high school graduates. The trainees are currently undergoing intensive online and classroom training to equip them with basic job and life skills.

On March 17 at Slice High St. Cafe, Kalibrr was presented to a group of social media personalities and bloggers, media representatives, and guests. The event signalled the beginning of the campaign to promote Kalibrr to a wider audience through the use of social media and partnerships with social advocates. The Kalibrr Team is working with them to help talented Filipinos realize the multi-faceted benefits of a career in the IT-BPO industry.

Kalibrr is the brainchild of its Founder and CEO, Mr. Paul Rivera. Paul was recently named an Ambassador for the World Humanitarian Council. In his interview for the said council, when asked, “What matters in the world to you?,” he responded: “I’ve had the privilege to live and experience very different parts of our world and the most common thread between these countries is how education can transform lives. I’ve seen how education can emancipate a child and her or his entire family out of poverty. I’ve also seen how a lack of education can continue a cycle of poverty for entire generations of families. My mission is to develop ways to not only scale education, but to also shape, rethink and tailor the right programs for people around the world.”