IBP says Impeachment Trial “Triumph of Rule of Law” calls P-noy to lead healing process

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines, the nation’s premier organization of lawyers, today described the the impeachment trial as a “triumph of the rule of law” and urged President Benigno Aquino II to start and lead the healing process to unify the country amid what it considered “deep wounds” and “fractious effects” of the impeachment process.

In a statement: Roan Libarios, IBP president, praised the Senate impeachment court for its handling of the impeachment trial, describing it has “fair and credible, even as the urged the Filipino people to accept and support its verdict on Corona.

“The Senate has spoken. While we continue to take exception to the impeachment process, as carried in the House of Representatives, we find the proceedings in the Senate as fair and credible,” Libarios said.

“As advocate of the rule of law, the IBP submits to the judgment of the Senate as consistent with the fundamental principle of rule of law,” Libarios said.

The IBP also urged the President to lead the healing process by taking initiatives to reform the country and finally stamp out corruption in various facets of national governance.

“We recognize the deep wounds and the fractious effects, which the impeachment trial has caused to many people and the various country’s institutions, including the judiciary. No less than the President, as leader and virtual father of the nation, should lead the healing process,” Libarios said.

“We have to move forward and learn the lessons the impeachment trial has given us,” Libarios said.