MeetManila launches PH’s newest travel portal

This is’s press release for April 26 launching. MeetManila is the newest and Philippine travel portal. 

MANILA, Philippines — On April 26, 2012, Meet Manila joins the community of travel bloggers, groups, and enthusiasts in promoting the Philippines’ destinations of interest through the power of social media. Its website,, serves as a travel portal where people can share photos and stories about the country through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other online channels.

In this initiative, Meet Manila aims to cultivate online community participation and interaction through shared content, in promotion of Philippine tourism.

Meet Manila for thoughtful and responsible tourism

According to the Department of Tourism, there was a 15.61% increase in the registered tourist arrivals for the first two months of 2012 compared to those of 2011. Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. believes that this trend was a consequence of the tourism campaign efforts of It’s More Fun In The Philippines. The effectiveness of the campaign and its online virility provided a dynamic interaction in social media, reflecting people’s willingness to participate in the overall tourism campaign.

Meet Manila serves as a response to the surge of travel interest by social media users. It will provide a centralized portal featuring the best of Philippine travel through aggregated user reviews. In effect, this will propagate a culture of thoughtful and responsible tourism that encourages pure appreciation of the Philippines’ authenticity in culture and natural resources.

What is featured in the site?

The travel portal contains transparent crowd-sourced information about the different provinces and top destinations in the Philippines. Constructed for easy navigation, travel enthusiasts and site visitors will be able to conveniently find the information they need. Since it is highly powered by social media, travel experiences shared through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instragram, are automatically pooled in Meet Manila. Through these user-friendly features of the portal, a more accessible avenue for community building of travel bloggers, groups, and enthusiasts is made possible.

Be part of the Meet Manila community!

The portal,, is accessible through the aforementioned social media avenues of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. It is now up and running for all travel bloggers,groups, and enthusiasts to discover places and shared stories!


Francesca Montes (for relations)
Twitter: aixmontes

Angelo Lopez (for events)
Twitter: gelolopez

Meet Manila Joins Travel Community
in Promoting Thoughtful Tourism through Social Media

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