Twitter reactions: And on the 10th Day, Senator Lito Lapid spoke

Lapid: Anong pinagkaiba ng cash advance sa loan?

Enrile asks Lapid: Sino tinatanong mo? Lito points to prosecution

Lapid: Lapid: Ibig sabihin kanina tanong kayo nang tanong, ilang oras na tayo, yun lang gusto niyong palabasin, kung inutang yung P11M?

@article8jester says “And on the 10th Day, Lito Lapid spoke #CJonTrial #CJTrial #CJTrialWatch #CoronaTrial”

Senator Lapid only spoke for a few minutes and trended in twitter. @ancalerts mentioned that Worldwide trending topics after Sen. Lapid took the floor: “Sen. Lapid” (6th) and “Leon Guerrero” (3rd)

@TeamCJCorona is very enthusiastic. “Sen. Lapid Leon Guerrero Ikaw lang po pala ang kailangan para matapos na ang kaguluhan about sa witness.”

Tweeps were pleasantly surprised. Read their reactions from “Clap clap” to “tears of joy”.