Investment for the future: Benchmarking IT Industry Competitiveness 2011

This “Investment for the future: Benchmarking IT Industry Competitiveness 2011” report, beyond highlighting selected countries’ performance in the 2011 Index, explores how companies and governments are addressing major trends affecting the industry. The examples and expert insights provided will underscore the critical importance of innovation, people, transparency (of laws and rules) and balance (of industry policy), not only to the competitiveness of industry environments, but to IT producers themselves.

The IT Industry Competitiveness Index, which measures the extent by which countries are capable of supporting a strong IT production sector shows that the Philippines ranked 52nd out of 66 countries.

The Philippines, together with Bangladesh, also received a zero grade in terms of creating an environment for Research and Development (R&D) in the IT industry. The United States, Finland, and Singapore topped the index.

Here is the complete report.

Bench Marking the IT Industry Competitiveness Index