First-ever Twitter Town Hall

White House had its first Twitter Town Hall where President Obama answered questions submitted via Twitter.

President Obama answered a fraction of the 100,000 questions submitted on Twitter. He was able to cover the five top question topics – jobs, the budget, taxes, education and housing.

According to Twitter, 28 percent of questions submitted focused on jobs, 18 percent on the budget, 17 percent on taxes, 8 percent on education and 6 percent on housing.

Click here for a full transcript of President Obama’s answers at the Twitter Town Hall. For Obama’s answers condensed into 140-characters or less, check out the White House Twitter.

This is the first-ever for the White House. I wonder if our Philippine President will engage with Twitter users when there is a call for a twitter town hall. I once sent a concept paper on the town hall but it was not limited to Twitter. Social media tools like livestreaming, twitter, and other tools was suggested.